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I was recently tagged by my friend Jashana on Booktube or @jashanawriter on Twitter. I love the library and everything that encompasses being able to go somewhere without going anywhere. These are some amazing questions that she created and I am so humbled that she decided to tag me! Go check her amazingness out! I promise, you will love her! I will be filming a video of this and it will come out tomorrow! 
1. Information Desk: A book that was helpful to you, for any reason.

downloadA book that was extremely helpful to me would have to be, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**K”. This book really helped me see how I was allowing certain things to go on in my life when I needed to bring about change inside of myself before I could do anything else within my life.

I really enjoyed the overall message. It has been quite a while since I have read it and I think I need to buy it in physical form so that I can highlight and mark up my favorite pages and places.

There is something to say about a really good self-help book. I would normally not read these types of books, but I believe that Mark Manson was extremely clever in naming this book because that is what brought me into reading it. 

2. The Return Bin: What are two books you read and immediately wanted to return (bc you disliked) or a recent DNF

34806691I recently finished my Book of the Month Club book “And Then She War Gone” by Lisa Jewell. I had really thought that I was going to enjoy this book. I had it in my head that it was going to be just as wonderful of a read as “The Broken Girls” by Simone St. James. 

I couldn’t have been more far from the truth. This book was nothing that I expected nor was it a book that I enjoyed. It made me feel incredibly uncomfortable and kind of dirty reading it. I know that I will be unhauling it soon to someone else or another place. 


225024Another book that I will not be re-reading again would have to be “Don’t Look Down”, by Jennifer Crusie. I read this in the middle of the summer last year and I was so excited about it. Jennifer Crusie was one of my most favorite authors and I thought that I had read everything that she had written. 

So when I found this book at my local used bookstore, Gardener’s, I was so thrilled that I couldn’t wait to get home to read it. I read it in about two days and I was livid. I couldn’t believe that Crusie had written such a weak-willed female protagonist. She waited for the guy to rescue her. It actually sickened me. I was steaming. The only reason I haven’t unhauled the book is that I love having all of Jennifer Crusie’s books on my shelves, but I will not be rereading it. 

3. Holds Section: Your most anticipated release, which you can’t wait to get your hands on?

36187823A release for this June that I CANNOT wait to read would have to be Ellie Alexander’s “Till Death Do Us Tart”! I am eager for this next installment of the Bakeshop Mystery series to come out. 

They are planning the biggest and more intricate wedding in Ashland and I couldn’t be happier. To be able to see two of my most favorite people finally tying the knot is something that puts the biggest smile on my face. I am so excited about this! 



4. Community Classes & Study Rooms: A book you loved that was a school assignment.

download-1I would have to say the book that had my heart in my throat and one that made me fall in love with reading even more is “Fahrenheit 451”, by Ray Bradbury. The whole entire idea of a firefighter being the one to start a fire and to destroy knowledge and imaginary worlds always left me aghast. 

I recently found out that they are going to be doing a movie or a short show series on it. I think that it is going to be brilliant. To take something that is regularly quoted, read, and extremely relevant during these ‘fake news’ times. 

5. Computers: A modern classic you love, or favorite sci-fi.

download-2Oh goodness! A modern class OR a favorite sci-fi?! How about BOTH!? I would have to say that “Frankenstein”, by Mary Shelley would have to be one of my all time favorites. 

I had to read this book for the first time for my Science Fiction By Women course at Northeastern State. Before this course I did not know that a woman had actually been the first person to write a science fiction novel. I thought that this was a brilliant light bulb over my head. 

Though this book was harder to read because of the changes in the English language over the past century it was still just as compelling and fascinating as it was then.
6. DVD Rentals: Your most anticipated, or favorite in recent history, book-to-move or book-to-tv adaptation. OR! a book that felt cinematic or a book you wish would be adapted into a movie or TV series.

download-4Hmmm. I think that if I had to choose a series that would be put into a TV series I would have to choose Anne Bishop’s Black Jewel series. I feel like the magic system, the characters, and the feel of the series would work well with most audiences. I would also just like to see the world alive on the screen. This is one of my favorite book series that I have read. I believe that I own all of them.

“The Dark Kingdom is preparing itself for the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy–the arrival of a new Queen, a Witch who will wield more power than even the High Lord of Hell himself. But this new ruler is young, and very susceptible to influence and corruption; whoever controls her controls the Darkness. And now, three sworn enemies begin a ruthless game of politics and intrigue, magic and betrayal, and the destiny of an entire world is at stake”
7. Library Book Store/Sale: A random book you picked up (w/o knowing anything about) and really enjoyed, or show off your fave bookish merch!

31390219When I was at Comic-Con in the Summer of 2016 I was walking around the HUGE section of books, comics, graphic novels, and all of the bookish goods. I was walking around and found this colorful and vibrant booth and I was instantly brought to it. 

This is where I found Lumber Janes and The Backstagers! I originally purchased the Lumber Janes volume one (which is also my very first video and review on my booktube channel).  Right before I walked away from the book I saw The Backsttagers and I was immediately brought it. 

Ilove the colors, how playful the boys looked, and the fact that it involved the theater as well. I had to get the first issue. I was so happy that I did. Just in the first comic I was brought in with the friendships that were made, the crushes that were blooming, and the fun aspect of what was hidden in the theater. I highly recommend this series. 

8. Teen/Youth Room: Favorite YA or favorite book you read as a kid. OR: A book you can’t wait to share with your future kids/nieces/nephews

download-3.jpgA series that I can’t wait to show my nephew, Michael-Scott, would have to be the Among the Hidden series by Margaret Peterson-Haddix. This series revolves around a farming family and their secret. The world has changed. There was a drought and a shortage of food. Due to this everyone in the United States was limited to two children. Third children were illegal and were even killed if they were born. 

We follow Luke Gardner. The hidden third child. This series follows Luke’s trials and tribulations of understanding why his family hid him to understanding the this wasn’t right and all third children should be free. 

I read all seven books of this series to my 5th grades for five years. They loved it so much that I can’t wait to see if my nephew will love them as well!
9. Museum Tickets: A book that made you feel a bit more cultured upon completing it.

16299.jpgThat would have to be my very first Agatha Christie book, “And Then There Were None”. I don’t normally read a lot of classical books or books that people would consider cultured. I tend to read for fun and for relaxation. But I felt extremely good about myself after reading “And Then There Were None”. I felt as though I was apart of something more. All of those amazing people who can read classical books and enjoy it.

It helped that Agatha Christie is considered the mother of the Cozy Mystery genre. It was easier for me to get into the book. I have a vlog of when I went to New Orleans and I have live reactions to this book. It was marvelous. I couldn’t figure out the ‘whodunit’ and I loved that! 

10. Overdrive/Hoopla: An audio book you love.

9969571.jpgAn audio book that I ABSOLUTELY love would be “Ready Player One”, by Ernest Cline. Will Wheton is the one who reads the book aloud and it was brilliant. I loved having him talk about all of the things that he grew up with.


You could hear the humor in his voice when he was mentioned in the book. He really helped bring the book alive AND made it seem as though we were in the 80s as well as the future!



11. Request a Purchase: A lesser known book that you want more people to know about and read.

11.jpgI don’t know if you would call this a lesser known book since it has been made into a movie, but I really loved reading Douglas Adams’, “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.

I read the Ultimate Edition during my senior year in high school. It had all five books in one huge, heavy, and hard to edition. It was totally worth it. I loved the quirky characters. I loved the way everything was tied together and how crazy the plot was.

I really believe that this series should have been more than just one movie. While the movie is good and is quoted quite frequently I really feel that they did not do justice to the book. They needed to add more of the adventures and the character development to the characters for the audience to really understand everything about them. 

12. Librarians: A character who loved helping others.

18631568.jpgA character that was extremely helpful and alway giving of themselves is Aang from “Avatar the Last Airbender”. I know that technically it started out as a TV show on Nickelodeon, but I have fallen in love with the comics/graphic novels that have come out. 

Especially “The Search” when you finally find out what happened to Zuko’s mom. This show pulled at all of my heart strings and emotions. 

I love the friendship that turns into family in this series. Aang has the biggest heart out of all of them and it always warms my soul to watch and read about these characters. 
13. Sanctuary: A book that is your safety net/is like home to you/helped you through a rough time.

3.jpgThis is without a doubt a cliche answer. However, this is the only answer I really have. Harry Potter. That series got me through hell. My mom was sick for a very long time. An extremely long time. I didn’t think I would ever get my mom back from everything that the doctors put her through. 

But, this series was our saving grace. Even when she was so sick we had something to talk about when it came to books. She would keep me home when a new book came out and we would talk about it. We would go see the midnight releases when the movies or new books came out. 

I believe that the love of Harry Potter kept my family together when everything else was falling apart. So, even though this might be everyone’s answer. This is mine. 

A Cozy Rating System

I have recently revamped my Cozy Mystery Rating System. There are just some things that are required when there is a Cozy being read. I have created this Rating System, if you will. It consists of five main categories: Characters, The Whodunit, Relationships, Series, and Punniness. Each of these are rated with 1-4 Cleo The Cat’s, as shown below, and then the total is averaged!


Why did I choose Cleo The Cat, you ask? Well, for one, I do have a cat named Cleo. She is extremely feisty, curious, and highly photogenic. It helps that A LOT of Cozies have fur children in the series. I thought that it would be fun to use Cleo as the mascot.

I mean look at how cute that kitty cat is!!! How can you not want to rate with her?! The only thing that would make her cuter is if she had a bow!


Characters is the first category that I rate. If the main protagonist isn’t likable I don’t care how much potential the story has, I can’t get into it. I have to feel close to the characters, like they can be my friends.

The Whodunit is the next category. Was the author actually able to fool me to a reasonable degree on who the antagonist/killer was? If they were they would get 4 Cleo’s. For how many mysteries  have read it is sometimes hard for an author to trick me or lead me astray. I love it when they can!

Relationships is the third category that I rate. This is the relationship or romance that is within the story line. I love the secondary characters just as much or sometimes more than the main character. If there are not well written and drawn out relationships within the series then it is not worth reading to me.

Series is the fourth category. There are two different ways that I rate with this. If it is the first book in the series than I would rate this as whether or not I am going to want to continue with the series. If I am in the middle of the series I will rate it to the degree in which the series is progressing. Is it getting better? Are the characters growing?

Punniness is the last category. I know, I know, Punniness technically isn’t a word. BUT it is a word to me. One of the reasons why I picked up Cozies in the first place are the amazing titles. Curiosity Thrilled the Cat?! Meet Your Baker?! A Killer Read?!? Yes, this is amazing. I am buying a book by its cover and title. You do too. Don’t tell me you don’t. I want to see how fun and funny a series is.

Look below at a visual for the Cozy Mystery Rating System!

Cozy Mystery Rating System (1).png


February Wrap Up!

February Wrap Up! (1)

Oh my goodness guys! I have no idea how I did this! reading 11 books in one month. I feel like I am not the same person! I don’t know if I even read that many last year in one month! Whew! I just couldn’t help it! When I find a series I devour it. I read through them all. I am super excited to see what next month brings!!

If you have not picked up the Port Dandy series by London Lovett you are missing out! I read books 1-4 in about 4 or 5 days. I just ate them up! We are following Pink and her new flower shop in Port Danby. She has moved from the big city to the small town of Port Danby to start life anew after finding out that her fiance was cheating on her. She finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation and finds that her inane sense of smell helps break the case right open!
36257309In the second book, Carnation & Chaos, Pink is super excited that she is going to be helping set up the Third Annual Food Fair! This is going to be bringing big business to the town. Everyone on main street is getting their shops ready when a very famous and not well liked blogger is found killed in her hotel. Pink helps Detective James Briggs (YUM!) by using her keen sense of smell to help figure out the whodunit! This was such a fun read. Lovett has me rolling when it comes to the relationship between Pink and her crow. I love it! I am also loving the relationship building between Pink and James. I am totally Team James. I also NEED to know what happened at the mansion so many years ago!
STARS: ****


36370494In the third book, Roses & Revenge, Pink is excited for the annual Harbor Holiday Lights Flotilla. She is excited to see how the harbor is lit up for the holidays! Hot cocoa, a good book, and cuddling with her pet crow are somethings that are on her to-do list. However, when the captain of a boat is found strangled to death on the pier, Pink sticks her nose into Detective James’ business in trying to figure out who killed the man!
This is such a fun book! I love how Pink tells her best friend whats-what. That she needs to stop being so selfish and that she needs to get over herself. She isn’t going to just sit there and not say what needs to be said!
I also love how there is a mystery inside a mystery with this series. While you’re trying to figure out the main murder, Pink is still trying to figure out what happened at the mansion!
STARS: ****

36555302There is love in the air in Port Danby! Pink has a new assistant who is taking care of the shop while she is trying to figure out what happened at the Mansion and Pink’s past is also rearing its ugly head when Georgio’s Perfume Company comes to Port Danby for a photoshoot for their newest perfume line.
This of course was the company that Pink used to work for and she is faced with running into her ex-fiance.
Who is going to be Pinks Valentine? James? Dash? Her ex? She doesn’t have time to contemplate this when a someone with the company is found killed in their trailer and Pink’s ex is the primary suspect.
Torn with helping Detective James figure out what happened and who did it and helping her friends, Pink is trying to come to the terms that someone she knows is a killer.
STARS: ****

38096237Stroke of Death is the third book in the Scarlet Cove series by Agatha Frost and Evelyn Amber. It follows retiree Liz Jones. She has moved to Scarlet Cove to live out the rest of her life painting and running her craft store.
Not only is she running her business but she is running an Art Group after hours where people from around the town can come and be taught painting, gossip, and relax after a long day.
The local gallery’s tyrannical manager Katelyn Monroe is on vacation so Liz’s best friend Nancy suggests taking their paintings to the gallery for a one night show. It is extremely popular until Katelyn shows up early unannounced, throws a hissy-fit, rips Liz’s painting, and is found murdered in her office.
Liz did not expect to find herself wrapped up in another murder. It gets a little too personal when she has to suspect her best friend and everyone in the art club. This was a fun, short, and easy cozy mystery to read. It isn’t as in depth as I would have wanted but it was a great series to read on Kindle Unlimited.
STARS: ***

17707766Lending A Paw was the Cozy Mystery Bookclub book pick for the month of February! It was a super super cute book. It is about the grand sailing of the Bookmobile for the local library in Chilson, Michigan. Librarian Minnie is super nervous and excited to start out on this amazing trip of spreading literacy to hard to reach places.
The first day went pretty well, even though Eddie, Minnie’s cat tagged along, books were checked out, people left happy, and Minnie was ready to call it a day. When Eddie decides, on the last stop, to run out of the van and into a run down house. Minnie follows and finds a man that she knows killed.
She wants to leave this crime in the hands of the professionals but when she realizes that they are not following the right clues she has to direct them to the correct suspect. This was a very cute series. I enjoyed it very much and I will be trying out the others in the series. Hopefully the series gets even better as they go on.
STARS: ***


This was such a wonderful and refreshing read! This is the first in the Rose City Mystery series by Kate Dyer-Seeley (aka Ellie Alexander). One of my absolutely FAVORITE Cozy Mystery authors!
Britta has finally had it with her husband. She is tired of being the only one with a job. The only one that pays bills or goes grocery shopping. She realizes that she is done with this life when she comes home to find flowers on her kitchen counter. Sweet! You think. How thoughtful. Except these weren’t for her. They were from her husband. However they were for another woman.
Britta has decided to move back home to help her Aunt Elin run her amazing flower shop, Blooma. The store is expanding and Elin needs all of Britta’s help with her amazing artistic eye and way with flowers.
Britta realizes she has been away from home too long when she finds that even though she and her aunt had weekly phone calls that Elin was hiding things from her. Like a rivalry with another florist. Someone trying to buy out the shop. And finally when a body is found inside Blooma Britta realizes that she needs to find out what happened.
I truly loved this book. I love how well Kate/Elli writes her characters. They truly do feel like family. They have me laughing, cry, and getting angry with them. I adore how much the author puts herself into everyone of her series.
STARS: *****
*This was sent to me as an Advanced Reader Copy for a free review.


I’m not going to talk too much about these, other than the fact that they were adorable. I loved seeing the different points of view to my favorite Disney story. It was so amazing to see what the Beast thought while watching them fall in love. Or how Belle was really starting to see inside of the Beast’s heart. I just loved it. It was extremely nostalgic for me. The art is absolutely breathtaking and I even loved the little comics in between the chapters. It was wonderful. I most definitely recommend them! I rated them both 5 stars.


This is the first in the Pacific Northwest Mystery series by Kate Dyer-Seeley/Ellie Alexander. Again, like I said before she is one of my favorite authors. Aaron actually bought me the first four in the series for Christmas and I am so excited that I finally got around to reading it. It was so worth it!
In this series we are following Meg, a new graduated Journalism major. She has had an extremely rough year. Before she graduated her father was found killed in a hit and run.
She was couch ridden for months on her best friend’s couch.
She was having trouble finding a job since newspapers are shutting down left and right. She had no idea what she was going to do with her life. Until she ran into Greg, the owner of Northwest Extreme an outdoors magazine.
Lying her butt off about being athletic Meg gets a job at the magazine. She is given her very first assignment following around the reality show that revolves around climbing the most death defying places for the chance to win a million dollars. She has no clue what she has gotten herself into. She is petrified of heights. It doesn’t help that when she fakes a fall she witnesses one of the competitors in the show falling to their death.
Journalism runs in Meg’s bones. Her dad was considered one of the best. When Meg smells that this death wasn’t an accident, she is like a dog with a bone hide. She can’t let go. She has to figure out who did it, even if she finds herself hanging on for her life.
I truly love this series. Meg is in her early twenties and has a lot to learn. Sometimes I want to smack her in the head and tell her what she should be doing but she has been growing during the series. (I am currently on the third novel).
Star: *****
22557306This book was AMAZING! This is the second book in the Pacific Northwest Mystery series. I actually did my first Cozy Vlogs while reading this book. Here is Part One and Part Two.
Meg still isn’t very athletic, but she is an amazing writer. Greg has decided that he is going to keep her. It helps that she is amazing with social media and had tripled the following for the magazine. It has been a crazy ride. Something that I truly love about this series is the fact that there is a mystery inside of a mystery. We find out that Meg’s Dad’s death might not have been an accident. So while Meg is trying to figure what’s going on there she has volunteered herself to follow some mountain men, the Ridge Rangers, who are starting a new business helping people reach the summit in Oregon.
There seems to be some fighting amongst the Ridge Rangers and the man who is funding the business. That happens sometimes, but what doesn’t happen is someone getting shot and killed outside in a winter storm. Meg knows that she needs to back away from this because of the last murder she was caught in the middle of. But when one of her friends is considered a suspect she finds herself diving into the mystery, once again.
This one had me on the edge of my seat and I have NO IDEA who the killer was. This is rare for me because I usually know. I loved this book very much!
Stars: *****

Those are the books that I read in February of 2018! Let me know if you are planning on getting any of these!!

Top 5 Cozies: Kindle Unlimited

Cozies for Beginners (2)

Top 5 Cozies: Kindle Unlimited Video
Hey everyone! I hope you are having an AMAZING Saturday! Today is a wonderful day for me. If you have been following me on Twitter or Instagram you know my Dad went into the ICU this week with diabetic complications. He is coming home today! YES! This is why I haven’t been as present here on Courtagonist this week. But I am back!

I recently had a subscriber asking me about Cozies on Kindle Unlimited. I actually redescribed to Kindle Unlimited to do this Top 5 and I am SO happy that I did. I have found some of my new favorite authors and character through doing this.

If you are not familiar with Kindle Unlimited, click this link. It will tell you about all of the ins and outs. basically KU is a subscription that is 9.99 a month that allows you access to hundreds of thousands of books that you can download to your Kindle or Kindle App. There is a limit on how many books you can download at once, I believe it is 10 at a time.

I have noticed that Cozies that are written and published on Amazon are shorter than those that are published into mass market paperbacks. On average Cozies are written between 50,000-75,000 words. And it seems that the average of Amazon Cozies are between 25,000-50,000 words. That does not mean that they aren’t just as fantastic as other’s who are published through Berkley or something like that. But they are quicker reads and might not be as throughly written as others.

I did not realize how many HUNDREDS of Cozies there are on KU! Seriously, there are SO many! It was extremely hard to choose the Top 5, but I had to limit myself. So, without further ado, let’s get started!


Series: Sky High Pies
Author: Mary Maxwell

I have read the first book in this series so far, Murder By The Slice. This is a super fun and cute cozy mystery. The first book revolves around Kate Reed. She has returned to a small town in Colorado, Crescent Creek to run her family’s bakery/cafe Sky High Pies.

She is wanting to start out fresh. She is moving home from Chicago, where an unfortunate ‘accident’ happened. Her boss was killed. She believes that it was murder, while the police don’t think so. She decides that she is going to move on from her life in Chicago and start doing something with her life that she loves, baking.

However, her past life isn’t ready to let her go and it follows her to the sleepy town of Crescent Creek. “As she settles into a new routine in the Rocky Mountains, everything’s going as planned. Until, that is, perilous ripples from her previous life threaten Kate and everyone around her. When a FBI agent is killed and the suspected murder weapon is found at Sky High Pies covered with Kate’s fingerprints, she instinctively returns to PI mode to help local authorities identify the killer and prevent any additional deaths—including her own.”

I really liked the first book in this series. It was a fun and quick read. I am excited to read the rest of the series! I rated it 3/5 stars!

Series: Bewitched by Chocolatedownload-2
Author: HY Hanna

I am actually in the middle of the first book currently, but I am loving it so far. I have actually read all of H.Y. Hanna’s Oxford Tea Room Cozy Mystery series, which are also FANTASTIC, but not on Kindle Unlimited.

This series is about Caitlyn, her mother, a famous singer, recently passed away in a car accident. She leaves Caitlyn a letter divulging that she is not her actually daughter. She was found on the side of a road in England.

She flies halfway across the world to follow her past and try to find any trace of her family that let her go. She ends up in the quaint English village of Tillyhenge where she finds out a man has been murdered by what people are assuming is magic.

Tillyhenge seems to be encompassed with a certain feeling. Cell phones don’t work. The internet is sketchy at best. Caitlyn finds herself staying with the local “old witch”, rescuing a kitten, and meeting Lord James Fitzroy. “Not to mention discovering that she herself might have magical blood in her veins!”

When she’s dragged into the murder investigation and realises that dark magic is involved, Caitlyn is forced to choose. Can she embrace her witchy powers in time to solve the mystery and save those she loves?

Series: Scarlet Cove Seaside Cozy
Authors: Agatha Frost & Evelyn Amber

If you have read some of my other blog posts or my booktube videos you know that I love the author Agatha Frost. When I found out that she co-authored another cozy series with one of her really good friends I knew that I had to pick it up! I am so happy that I did!

Scarlet Cove is a wonderful small town in England that is surrounded by the sea, a castle, and some amazing characters.

Our main sleuth is someone who actually has some back ground in investigation, which is not a usual career for our protagonists. Liz Jones has retired as a detective as the age of 42, she is wanting to start her life over pursuing a career that her heart has always been set on, opening a craft store and painting everyday by the sea.

She never in her wildest dreams thought that her life from the big city would follow her into the sleepy town she now calls home. She is quietly painting on the beach when she notices a dog barking uncontrollably. Desperation in his voice. She spots the boat and that it appears as though there isn’t anyone steering.

“She falls back into old habits when she vows to discover the truth about the fisherman’s death, but will she do it before the murderer strikes again? With her retirement and dream life on the line, Liz must battle against the clock to restore peace to the sleepy town of Scarlet Cove before all is washed away.”

I rated it a 4/5 stars on Goodreads. It was such a fun book. The third book comes out this month!

Series: A Peridale Cafe Series
Author: Agatha Frost

This is one of my favorite cozy mystery series that I found thanks to signing up for Kindle Unlimited.

This series follows Julia South. She has moved to her hometown Peridale to start her live out her dream of starting a cafe. She has spent all of her savings opening this shop and has put everything into keeping it open.

“Soon to be divorced Julia South never expected to be caught up in solving a murder, until she discovered the body of her cafe’s most awkward customer. With a new smug Detective Inspector in town who underestimates her every move, Julia makes it her mission to discover the real murderer, before her village friends are dragged into the frame, and more bodies are discovered.”

I gave the first book a 3/5 stars, but they get better as you read them. The characters develop more, the relationships, and I just love the family dynamic. I highly suggest you pick up this series!

download-3Series: Port Danby Cozy Mystery Series
Author: London Lovett

“Lacey ‘Pink’ Pinkerton has left behind a six figure job and her reputation as the million dollar nose—a nickname her super sense of smell earned her within the perfume industry.

With her pet crow Kingston and a tabby cat named Nevermore, she is settling right into her new life in the small coastal town of Port Danby. With a flower shop opening soon and a full cast of quirky neighbors and friends, her new digs are exactly what she’s been looking for.

Away from the hectic hustle and bustle of the city Lacey has found peace and happiness. However, her heightened sense of smell proves to be of use once again when a Port Danby neighbor turns up dead.

Lacey finds herself caught up in an unexpected murder investigation alongside the handsome local detective, James Briggs. She’s determined to find the killer and solve the murder mystery before any more bodies turn up.”

The covers of these books are what brought me to download them! I mean, how could you not?!?

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! It means that absolute world to me. Please consider following my reviews! I have new content coming out every week. You can also go to my other social medias where I put out tons of Cozy Mystery goodness! It’s so much fun to talk to others about all of the books that I love reading! Leave some comments down below if you have read any of these!
*Amazon links are affiliate links. If that makes you uncomfortable please don’t feel like you have to use them.

January Reading…|So Far

Good afternoon everyone! I am just stopping by to let you know how much I have read so fafr this month! I still can’t believe that it is 2018! Seriously, that is mind boggling to me. Well, let’s get to it!


This was the fourth installment of the Harmony Cafe Series. Trouble has hit Autumn’s town again. This time, it’s aliens. Or is it?

I feel like this book was filled with so much potential as most of this series is, which is why keep reading it.

However, I feel like Autumn and her ex-husband’s rivalry is childish and isn’t well written. I also feel like the author is telling me things and not showing them to me.

The characters need to have more depth. I need to feel for the characters. Which isn’t the case in this series.

I will continue to read the next book to see if as the series advances maybe so does the author’s writing. I really do like the idea of this series which is why I picked it up. But I was not shocked by the ‘whodunit’ aspect. The plot was rushed and sort of everywhere.

I know that this is supposed to be a short story type of Cozy, but I still need a little bit more detail and twist.



This was such a fun and quick read. Two of my, now, favorite amateur sleuths meet as kindred women. I love that they had a mystery to solve as well! It wasn’t enough for me though. I craved more. Which is what I think was Ellie’s thought process. Leaving us wanting.

If you haven’t read Death on Tap, Sloan’s first Mystery, I highly suggest it. I love getting anything and everything that Ellie puts out into the world.

A fun short read. You do need to know that the story is finished at 35% and the rest of the book is a sneak peek into Death on Tap.


16000243If you follow my blogs, the reviews, or my youtube channel, I have a slight addiction to Cozy Mysteries. Okay, maybe not SLIGHT…a HUGE addiction to Cozies. But more specifically, I have a weakness for cooking and magical mysteries. They just tickle my fancy. My waist and my imagination expand while reading these types of books.

Bailey Cates’ Magical Bakery Mystery does this to me everytime. I crave what ever it is that Katie and Lucy are making in the Honeybee Bakery and I want to know more about the magic that Katie is learning about herself. Expecially since I’ve dabbled in it as well.

This is the third installment in the series and it was just as amazing as the first two. You dive more into Declan and Katie’s relationship. What it means to Katie to be a white witch, a pure witch. Is she a catalyst? So many questions.

While trying to put extra karma out in the world for herself Katie volutneers at with a conservation group trying to save extinct or endangered animals. She loves it even though she is working basically two jobs. Unfortunately, whether it was just a happanstance or if she really does cause these things to happen, someone from the conservation is killed.

Katie, surround by her coven, feels responsibile to figure out the ‘whodunit’, especially when it is not just her that is being threatened, but memebers of her Spell Book Club as well.

This was a delightful read. I love getting to know all of characters a little more as well as the AMAZING recipes at the back of the book. I can’t wait to try out the peanutbutter cookies.

Welp, that’s what I have read so far!!! What have you read so far? Make sure to follow my youtube channel and my instagram page for more bookish stuffs!

December 2017- Wrap Up!

December Wrap Up!

December Wrap Up Video!


  • Superfood Smoothie Murder
  • Harmony Cafe Mystery Series 
  • Book 3 & 98 pages 
  • Rated it 3 Stars 

This is the 3rd in the Harmony Cafe Cozy Mystery series and I still can’t tell you if I really like the series or not.

I like the idea of the series and this has immense potential. This book revolves around Autumn Wood, who is the owner of the Harmony Cafe. She is asked to join a white water rafting team, in a really weird, awkward, and unbelievable way. An accident happens and we find that the leader of the rafting team is found dead under suspicious circumstances.

Autumn makes it her goal to find the murderer! She has so many leads that it is somewhat difficult to keep up or pay attention to all of the details. Be that as it may I was able to figure out the whodunit pretty easily.

Again, I really want to like this series. I have even downloaded the 4th book in the series the Pumpkin Smoothie Murder. So fingers crossed. If you have Kindle Unlimited the series is free, if not you can get it for .99 cents. I am slowly making my way through Kindle Unlimited’s Cozies so I can make a post/review on the best cozies!



This is the 5th book in the Bakeshop Mystery series by Ellie Alexander. I will have to admit, I might have a small, tinny, tiny addiction to this Cozy Mystery series…

Seriously, there is just something about this series that I love more than any other mystery series that I have read in a long time.

There is a huge Chocolate Festival going on in Ashland, Oregon and Torte has been asked to take part! Jules, Helen, and the whole gang are doing their best to make everything perfectly sweet! However, this is not the way the cookie crumbles. Owner of Confections Couture, a chocolate company, Evan Rowe dies in front of hundreds of witness. Right after having a taste of one of Torte’s goodies.

At first it seems like an accident, it turns out that Evan had a nut allergy. Helen and Jules know for a fact that the sample he tasted had no nuts. In order to clear Torte’s name and prove their innocence, Jules finds out that there is something more going on. Evan has enemies, and he might have murdered. “Can she sift out the truth before another contestant bites the buttercream?”

Gingerbread and Ghosts

  • Gingerbread and Ghosts
  • Peridale Cafe Cozy Mystery
  • Book 10 and 162 pages
  • Rated 5 Stars 

This is the 10th installment of Agatha Frost’s Peridale Cafe Cozy Mystery series! I have fallen in love with the ladies in Peridale. They make me laugh. They make me cry. They make me crave ALL of the sweets! HA! My waist line sure does not appreciate them as much. But that is besides the point.

We follow Julia through the tough process of adopting Jess, wondering where her relationship is at with Barker, and of course trying to keep up with her wonderfully eclectic grandmother Dot. Of course this is all happening during the Christmas season!

Dot has decided that she is going to perform in the Christmas play that is being put on with the local drama club. She is a natural. Julia can’t believe how much of a natural she is. What else doesn’t she know about her grandmother?

While sitting in the audience watching Dot put on her best performance yet, Barker, Jess, Julia, and most of Peridale witness Dot pick up a gun, shoot, and murder her leading man. Julia has made it her responsibility to find out who switch the prop gun with a real one and get Dot home in time for Christmas!

Will she make it? Or will this be the first time that the killer gets away?!


AND I AM FINALLY FINISHED WITH THE NAME OF THE WIND! Whew! That took me forever to do. Seriously guys. I started this book in September of this year for the book club that I started with friends and family.

Aaron had been trying to get me to read this book for about a year and it was finally chosen. I can’t even start to explain to you the feels this book made me have. I sobbed, I laughing for days, and I had to take many breaks from how much it broke my heart. This book was a gambit of so many emotions, characters, and places. It was beautifully written. Like poetry.

“Told in Kvothe’s own voice, this is the tale of the magically gifted young man who grows to be the most notorious wizard his world has ever seen.The intimate narrative of his childhood in a troupe of traveling players, his years spent as a near-feral orphan in a crime-ridden city. his daringly brazen yet successful bid to enter a legendary school of magic.”

This book is only part one in a three-part series following Kvothe through his life. The next in the series is The Wise Man’s Fear. It is over 1,000 pages and I know that it will take me a while to read. If it is anything like the first book. I am also scared to read the second one, because apparently Rothfuss is taking his sweet ass time writing the 3rd in the series. I really hate unfinished series, especially since people have been waiting for over 10 years!

download (2)

Have you every read a book that makes you want to vacation so much you can smell the salt in the air? You can feel the warmth of the sun kiss your cheeks? You can hear the waves hit the side of the shop? And look out into the vast endlessness of the ocean with your eyes closed?

This is how I felt reading the 6th installment of the Bakeshop Mystery series by Ellie Alexander. Jules has been asked by her estranged husband to come to his rescue. Well, not his rescue, but to come and be head pastry chef until the cruise liner can meet up at a port to pick up the replacement chef.

Although Jules is apprehensive to join her husband out on the sea that they fell in love on, Carlos sweetens the deal. The Captain of the ship agreed to let Helen and the Professor have a free vacation and they will double her salary for the week. Finally she gives in.

Torte is in the middle of construction with the new addition and Lance has agreed to watch over things while Jules is gone. She knows that she has an amazing team and isn’t too worried. Helen, the Professor, and Jules are heading their way to endless buffets, good wine, and great entertainment. Or so they thought.

Jules notices a young woman wandering around the boat that is acting strangely. Before she is able to find out who the young woman is, Jules finds her floating dead in the pool on cruise. The Captain asks Juliet and the Professor to figure out what happened to the young lady.

Not only is Jules trying to figure out who Jane Dough is, but she is also soul-searching herself. Will she be able to find out who the girl is? Will she be able to come to terms with what she wants? Carlos or Torte? Both? You’ll have to read to find out!


  • Another One Bites the Crust
  • A Bake Shop Mystery
  • Book 7 and 320 pages 
  • Rated 5 Stars
  • Given as an Advanced Readers Copy for a free unbiased review 

This has been my most favorite installment of The Bakeshop Mystery series ever. Seriously, hands down. I wish there was an option to give this book more than 5 Stars on my GoodReads account.

Another One Bites the Crust starts with Jules getting ready for the day at Torte. She has just gotten back from the cruise with the Professor and her mom. She knows that this is where her heart belongs. She is home.

As she is getting prepared for the day, her flamboyant and sassy best friend Lance comes into the shop looking for a favor. He has seemed very much out of sorts lately. Claiming that the Oregon Shakespeare Festival is trying to usurp him as director and that the lead actor in Antony and Cleopatra is helping them. Is this paranoia? Is Lance going crazy? Or does he just need a vacation?

Lance has come up with a way to prove his importance and show that he isn’t going without a fight. Or at least without a fabulous party for the entire cast! Jules and the crew of Torte have been given the chance to be the supplier for this Elizabethan-era shindig. On opening night, Lance and Anthony come to fist-a-cuffs. Something that shook the whole crowd.

Lance shows up to Jules’ house that night after the party, covered in blood, and with a knife in hand. Anthony is dead. Jules knows that Lance would never do this. Is this a stunt? Publicity? Has Lance lost it? You’ll have to read to figure it out.

This book gave me everything that I wanted and more with Lance and Jules’ friendship. I need myself a Lance. Every time he has been on stage in the books I have loved his sassy, blunt, and honest dialogue. Their relationship reminds me of Will & Grace. I can’t wait for the next book in the series, Til Death Do Us Tart coming out in July 2018.

All of these reviews have been opinions of my own. I have not been paid to review any of these books. The links are Amazon Affiliate links. I do get a small percentage from those that you buy. If that makes you uncomfortable, please don’t use them. 

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope that you are having an amazing day. Until next time, Happy Reading!

November- Wrap Up!

November Wrap Up Video!

downloadThe Allegheny Brew House is a dream come true for Maxine “Max” O’Hara, who went all the way to Germany for her brewmaster certification, and is now preparing to open her own craft brew pub in a newly revitalized section of Pittsburgh. But before she can start pouring stouts and lagers to thirsty throngs, there’s trouble on tap. Suspicious acts of sabotage culminate in Max finding her assistant brewmaster and chef Kurt Schmidt strangled in one of the vats.

Between rescuing a stray gray tabby she names Hops and considering a handsome ex-hockey player as her new chef, Max doesn’t have a lot of time to solve a murder. But with a homicide detective for a dad, she comes to criminal investigation naturally. And if someone is desperate enough to kill to stop her from opening, Max needs to act fast—before her brand-new brew biz totally tanks.

Rated: 4


Brew pub owner Maxine “Max” O’Hara and her chef/boyfriend, Jake Lambert, are excited to be participating in the Three Rivers Brews and Burgers Festival. Max hopes to win the coveted Golden Stein for best craft beer—but even if she doesn’t, the festival will be great publicity for her Allegheny Brew House.

 Or will it? When notoriously nasty food and beverage critic Reginald Mobley is drafted as a last-minute replacement judge, Max dreads a punishing review. Her fears are confirmed when Mobley literally spits out her beer, but things get even worse when the cranky critic drops dead right after trying one of Jake’s burgers. Now an ambitious new police detective is determined to pin Mobley’s murder on Max and Jake, who must pore over the clues to protect their freedom and reputations—and to find the self-appointed judge, jury, and executioner.

Rated: 4

download-2Jasmine Bashara never signed up to be a hero. She just wanted to get rich. Not crazy, eccentric-billionaire rich, like many of the visitors to her hometown of Artemis, humanity’s first and only lunar colony. Just rich enough to move out of her coffin-sized apartment and eat something better than flavored algae. Rich enough to pay off a debt she’s owed for a long time.

 So when a chance at a huge score finally comes her way, Jazz can’t say no. Sure, it requires her to graduate from small-time smuggler to full-on criminal mastermind. And it calls for a particular combination of cunning, technical skills, and large explosions—not to mention sheer brazen swagger. But Jazz has never run into a challenge her intellect can’t handle, and she figures she’s got the ‘swagger’ part down. 

 The trouble is, engineering the perfect crime is just the start of Jazz’s problems. Because her little heist is about to land her in the middle of a conspiracy for control of Artemis itself. 

 Trapped between competing forces, pursued by a killer and the law alike, even Jazz has to admit she’s in way over her head. She’ll have to hatch a truly spectacular scheme to have a chance at staying alive and saving her city. 

 Jazz is no hero, but she is a very good criminal.  That’ll have to do. 

Rated: 4



Autumn Wood, the proud owner of the Harmony Café, has done her best to make healthier choices and rid her life of toxins, starting with her irksome ex-husband. But when a local homeless man is found dead behind her café, the small-town of Mineral Springs thinks she is to blame. To prove her innocence and save her business, Autumn sets out to find answers with her fun-loving Westie. Her sleuthing leads her to an unlikely culprit and a deadly fight for her life.


When Autumn Wood, owner of the Harmony Café, covers her sister’s shift at a local hotel, she finds much more than wrinkled linens and dirty breakfast trays. What started out as a good deed to keep her sister from being fired, again, quickly turns into a murder investigation when a body turns up in one of the guest rooms. Autumn does some sleuthing of her own with the help of her adventurous Westie. But with an annual bow hunting trade show in town and an angry group of animal rights activists parading the streets, her list of suspects is quite long. The clock is ticking, and Autumn must uncover the truth before the killer takes another shot.


Autumn Wood, the owner of the Harmony Café, joins a white water rafting team and participates in the town’s annual river parade. But when the leader of the group is found dead, Autumn realizes that the culprit is just as cold and erratic as the river’s perilous rapids. With the help of her friendly Westie and buoyant neighbor, she hunts for clues. Her list of suspects includes a local physician, a sci-fi enthusiast, and a disgruntled employee, and it’s only a matter of time before someone else falls to their watery grave.