A Date Night In| December 2018


December’s box is one of the most gorgeous that I have seen yet. That blue with the stark white made me smile the moment I grabbed it from my mailbox. I know that they were going to give Aaron and I a cozy winter night date even though it was in the 70s when I got it here in Oklahoma.


Just looking at the cover you can’t help but smile! Am I right?! You just want to cozy on in and get into the box. So let’s do that !


They always have the most delicious selection of food for the date night and this month’s isn’t any different. They recommended the following:

  • Hot Toddy
  • Parmesan & Garlic Crostini
  • Pancetta & Sweet Pea Gnocchi
  • Homemade Peppermint Pudding

Something else that they ALWAYS add is #tabletalk. They always give you questions and prompts to talk about while you are eating dinner or while you are crafting. It always brings me and Aaron closer every month. I loved talking about living in the moment and expressing our stressors when it came to the holidays. We hosted everyone for about 8 days and it was exhausting. I couldn’t have done it without him.


Of course no Date Night In Box is complete without a snack creation. This time we made a sweet treat of White Chocolate and Pretzel trees! These are so adorably cute! And the great thing is that you don’t have to make them perfect because all of natures trees are totally different!


Another surprise was being able to create some art together. I still love the wooden tree stump that we made together in October. It is on our mantle. This is perfect to add to our Christmas decorations. I love that they give you EVERYTHING that you need to create this project as well!


Again every month they come up with so many fun games to play and that are beautifully themed to the month’s box. I don’t know how they do it every month but they are wonderfully creative and I am living for it! This was the Handbands Game. This is so much fun! I highly recommend it!


And last but certainly not least is the last activity of the night the “Create a Sentimental Gift”. Writing a letter to your significant other is something that seems so simple but can mean more than any high dollar item. Write down a special moment or something that you love about your partner and then give it to them when you think they need it the most!

The Date Night In Box

This box is something that I would purchase every single month. With how much dinner and a movie costs  well into $50-70 for a date night out, this box is fantastic in cost savings and brings you closer to your significant others.

Month to Month

$41.99 for each date
with free shipping*

I can’t wait to receive next month’s box. It’s makes me giddy just thinking about what the Date Night In crew is putting together for February.


Until next time…


A Date Night In| November 2018


It is never too late to show your loved ones how thankful you are to them. I received this box in the beginning of December and I couldn’t have been more thankful. Date Night In really does take the time to help you and your favorite person have a wonderful and meaningful date night in.

They always give you a wonderful newspaper bursting with ideas from what to drink, this month it was a delicious Cranberry Spritzer, to having a wonderful dinner Turkey, Brie, and Cranberry Pesto Phyllo Wrap with some Parmesan and Thyme Mashed Potatoes. If that doesn’t get you in the comfy mood I don’t know what will! Of course they top it off with a dessert selection of Salted Caramel Cheesecake Muffin!

But not only do they give you a wonderful choice for dinner but they also give you #tabletalk suggestions to help guide the talk for the night toward the theme of the box. Some questions were:

What characteristics of our relationship are you thankful we have?
What date activity in our relationship are in thankful to remember?


They also include somber and sobering stories that help you realize how thankful you are every day to breathe, love, and share your life with others. This is something that gave me chills as I read. This story is something that I plan on sharing as the years come. Your partner is someone who is amazing and can help you conquer anything or help hold your hand and wipe away your tears.


I always love that they have different crafts and cooking inside their boxes. This always makes me smile! Make sure you read all of the ingredients before you get started on your date night so that you have everything that you need! This is the ice cream that we made for our caramel apple cider floats!


As we enjoyed out Caramel Floats we turned on the custom Spotify Playlist for the night and started talking about and writing down things we were thankful for about each other. After we wrote them down we were told to hide them around the house where they would find them, just when they needed it the most.


Another aspect of the Date Night In box that I LOVE is that they always include a game to play with your partner. This time it was Gratitude Slam! You were given cards that had letters on them and you had to make words with them. Words like, Thank, Bless, Honor, Love etc.

The Date Night In Box

This box is something that I would purchase every single month. With how much dinner and a movie costs  well into $50-70 for a date night out, this box is fantastic in cost savings and brings you closer to your significant others.

Month to Month

$41.99 for each date
with free shipping*

I can’t wait to receive next month’s box. Aaron actually had fun last night and he said that he would most definitely do it again with me. It’s makes me giddy just thinking about what the Date Night In crew is putting together for January.


Until next time…


Oceanista Winter Box| 2018


The Oceanista Subscription Box

“Get ready to experience the excitement of receiving our signature box delivered to your door every season, and uncovering the hidden treasures that await you inside. You’ll be awash in whimsical beach inspired essentials from brands we love that are sure to compliment your beach lifestyle and wardrobe. Featured artisan pieces, luxury skin care products, mid-season surprises, and the chance to win a free gift every season guarantees our box will be one you look forward to again and again!”

This box is $81,00 a season, BUT if you use my code “Courtagonist” you’ll get 10% off your first box! How awesome is that?!?! The annual subscription is a great deal because there’s already a $30 discount going annual. So the savings is almost $60.00!!!!

Plus, the value of the box is always worth $175 or more! The winter box had a retail value of over $215 dollars! Now, let’s get into the goodies, shall we?


JJ Sterling is probably one of the most genuine people I have had the pleasure of talking to when it comes to the creators of boxes. She is always reaching out to me asking me my sizes for clothes and shoes as well as updating me on any information that her wonderful company needs their customers to know. I love this quote that she put on this stunning spoiler card! It is those little touches that makes me a loyal customer!


Custom Greeting Card
Retail: $4.95

If this card doesn’t give you the urge to visit the ocean this winter I don’t now what would! I love the bright and vibrant colors as well as the poem on the front. It was the first thing on top of the box when I opened it and I immediately smiled!


Swell Made Co. Monstera Leaf| Key Tag
Retail: $8.97

This is such a beautiful and delicate tea ring. I love how light weight it is and the subtle gold coloring is just stunning. I love how dainty it is and that I will fit all of your keys and not take up too much room!


Hotel Luxe Candle by Beach Style Collective
Retail: $35.00

There is nothing better than getting a wonderful and relaxing candle in a box. I don’t know about you but I love having candles burn in my house year round. If it isn’t candles it is my essential oils diffuser. I love the beautiful box that this came in! And as the name suggests it is very luxurious in smell and in quality of the make!


Winter 2018 Featured Artisan
Paradise Coast Beads
Retail: $20.00

One of the MANY things that I love about this company is how they support and showcase new and upcoming artisans! I love that they really take the care in getting these items as well. They aren’t something that is just thrown together and they hope that people like them. You can tell that this box is beautifully curated in every item.

This item was created by Kat with Paradise Coast Hospitality. The beads are home decor that are intended for guest to welcome them and bless and protect their home. This is perfect as we glide into the new year!


Oceanista Kimono in Lavender Blue with Fringe
Retail: $29.95

I love that each box comes with a wearable of some sort! Whether it is jewelry, sandals, or a  kimono! This is a wonderfully soft and light weight kimono! This is 100% viscose and it is extremely easy to wear. You can wear it as a kimono or even as a scarf. It is perfect!!


Oceanista Bamboo Eco-Friendly Drinking Straws
Retail: $6.95

One of my goals going into 2019 is to take more care with what I am putting into the environment. Using less and using more quality items. This includes use reusable straws. This is a phenomenon that is sweeping the world in the effort of really trying to be kinder to our world. We have one world, we need to respect and love it!


Ancient Roman Glass Hook Earrings
by The Roman Glass Company
Retail: $88.00

These are my MOST favorite item in the Winter 2018 box. I have worn these earrings every day for over a week! They are stunning. The card that came with the earrings stated:

“Your jewelry is inlaid with a fragment of ancient glass, discovered in an archaeological excavation in the Holy Land. The “patina” was created by chemical interactions with mineral-rich soil over the course of 2000 years.”

I can express enough how much I love these earrings. They are exquisitely made.


Sun-kissed Pearls Gel Eye Liner
by Elizabeth Arden
Retail: $22.00

Last season we received a beautiful eye shadow palette and this season we are getting a beautiful pot of eyeliner that is rich in emollients and natural oils. It comes with an angled brush to help get that PERFECT cat eye effect.

This is one of my absolute favorite seasonal boxes. I love how much detail, care, and love goes into curating every inch of the box. I love that they stick to the theme and keep striving for better and more luxurious products. $79 is an amazing price for everything that you receive every season. It is like a small gift to yourself or someone you love. I can’t wait to see what Spring 2019 holds for us.

Until next time.



Naturally Crated Winter Box| 2018


Naturally Crated
Winter Crate

This has to be my FAVORITE box of the year with Naturally Crated. I am a person that loves all natural items. I love knowing that what I am doing is helping the environment. That I am being my best self. This box was FULL of amazing goodies that anyone would love it!

Approved By Elizabeth:

All products must fit into at least one of the following categories:

  • Products are full-sized, single-use or multi-use
  • All personal care & food products must include full ingredient lists
  • We value transparency, longevity of use, and family-friendly products
  • We never purchase items that we know have been tested on animals

This is a company that I can proudly stand by and that I feel good about getting every season. This box is $75 a quarter and it is worth EVERY PENNY!

Now, let’s get into the amazing goodies that we got in Winters Crate.

Plant Therapy Essential Oils
Retail: $45

This is one of the most exciting items that this crate has for Winter. A few years ago I was suffering from migraines. It was so bad that I had a migraine everyday for over 60 days. I went to the doctor and got scans and the lot. I was told that I have Chiari Malformation. This is are fancy complicated words to explain that my brain stem is longer than it should be.

I was told that I could EITHER lose weight and have less stress in my life OR I could have brain surgery. Ugh. Apparently heavy weight and stress causes Chiari to flare up. I finally decided that I needed to take control of my life. Why am I brining this up for essential oils, you ask?

Well, I started doing yoga and running as well as using essential oils to help with my migraines and my anxiety. This is something that I am extremely passionate about and I squealed like a little girl on Christmas when I saw everything in this box.

If you want to know, I ended up losing 60lbs and I rarely get migraines! Yay for natural medicine!

In this box we received:

  • Orange Sweet
  • Rosemary
  • Cinnamon
  • Cedar wood
  • Peppermint

Essential Oils Flashcards
Retail: $25

To go with the amazing oils that they sent they also sent Essential Oil Flashcards. It is a HUGE learning curve to understand all of the different ways that Essential Oils can help you. Can you digest them, put them directly to your skin, need a carrier oil? This is a FUN and EASY way to learn about all of the different types of Essential Oils and how you can use them. They are fun and colorful and extremely helpful!

Essential Oil Travel Bag
Retail: $28

One of the things that is most difficult when you become an Essential Oils Addict is the ability to travel with them safely. I have no idea how many times I have has Sweet Orange or Lavender spill in my overnight bag or in my purse. And while I love the scent of those oils a little goes A LONG way! This is a perfect little pouch for your essential oils! It is perfect for winter and it fits 10 oils comfortably! I also put the Flash Cards in the middle of the oils to show to friends and family!


Organic Aromatherapy Rice Bag
Retail: $14

I don’t know about you, but sometimes you have sore muscles from working out or it is that time of the month and you can’t stop cramping. This wonderful organic aromatherapy rice bag is just what you need!

They are crafted in the United States and you can use them to apply heat or cold to concentrated areas on the body. What is nice is that it comes to you unscented so that you can add the essential oil of your choosing. I ALWAYS use Lavender Essential Oils. I just love the calming aroma.


Overall this box gets a 10/10 for me. It is rare when I will use EVERY SINGLE ITEM in a subscription box, but with this one the amazing crew at Naturally Crated hit the nail on the head! I can’t wait for their Spring 2019 box! Stay tuned!

Have a wonderful New Year!


Dispatch: A Magician’s Handbook

Breakout by Dispatch
A Magician’s Handbook
Chapter One


This is probably one of the most fun boxes that Dispatch as put out! I love that we get to dive into the mysterious world of a magician! How cool is that!?!

In this box you are welcomed into the world of stage magic! This is a four-part mystery, the Immortal Lazarus has vanished and left behind a riddle and strict instructions to contact you if anything were to happen to him! Apparently something magical and mysterious has happened and we get to figure out what that is!


As the months go by and I get more and more boxes and mysteries to unravel from Dispatch by Breakout I am floored at the level of detail that the team goes into with all of the clues! The quality of all of the little bits and pieces in this box are enough to make me squeal with delight!

This is a game that you can solve yourself OR you can invite a group of friends for a game night and figure it out together. I love that they have created really phone numbers, websites, and social media pages that you actually have to search in order to understand the mystery.

I highly recommend getting this box for yourself or for that person that is hard to buy for but you know they love escape rooms and solving mysteries. This is an escape room in your own home! How cool is that!?


You get to CHOOSE what your first story is! How cool is that! Just go to Dispatches website and choose your adventure! It is $24.99 a month, but if you pay for more months you receive a discount. Each month you will receive a chapter of the story. I truly do love this subscription box!

Until next time…




Review| Boho Babe December 2018

Boho Babe December 2018

This box ALWAYS knocks it out of the park! I use EVERYTHING in this box every month. They are one of my absolute favorites that I receive every month. Let us dive into what was in December’s box!

Create Your Own Gratitude/Vision Board
By: Boho Babe
Retail: $10.00

This is just a fun and thoughtful idea. This time of the year is when most people start reflecting on the past year. We start looking at all of the events, our emotions, and our actions to others. We start making New Years Resolutions and trying to start our year off on the right foot.

Sometimes we need to visualize and create what we want in the world. I know that I do. I love making Pinterest Boards or printing out pictures that remind me of what I want to have and work for in the next year. This is a GREAT way to get started.


Gratitude Candle
By: Magic Fairy Candle
Retail: $7.00

I am a HUGE sensory person. I love essential oils, candles, and scents that remind me of comfort, love, and being safe. I love that Boho Babe believes in the same way! This is a two in one type of candle. Well…actually three in one. You burn in for the scent which calms you. You create your Gratitude board while it burns. Then you can use it as a wonderful massage oil! This has an intoxicating scent of vanilla, amber, and rosemary.


Heart Shaped Rose Quartz
By: Boho Babe
Retail: $10.00

I love that every box that Boho Babe sends is surrounded by a theme. This theme of Gratitude continues with this Rose Quartz Gemstone. Rose Quartz is a stone known for love and gratitude. It empowers the higher heart chakra. This stone emanates love from the heart of the wearer to attract love and gratitude from their surroundings and people around them. I love keeping this in my pocket and rubbing on it when I am having a tough day.


Boho Copper w/ White Tassels Necklace
By: Boho Babe
Retail: $32

I LOVE THIS NECKLACE! I have worn this necklace I DON’T KNOW HOW MANY TIMES! It is extremely comfortable. The leather, the tassels, and the copper pendant match any outfit that I am wearing. I have taken to wearing this as a worry necklace as well. I have found that when I am stressed or worried that I rub on the copper part of the necklace. This is one of my most favorite pieces I have in this box!


Handmade “Grateful for You Cards”
Retail: $5.00

Something that is rarely thought about and use is Snailmail. The wondrous feeling you get when you have a letter or card from someone is something that has exploded even more with the lack of personal cards or letters being sent through the United States Postal Service. I love that they sent us two cards with envelopes that say Grateful for You!


Hand Painted Feather Ornaments/Garland
By: Boho Babe
Retail: $18

This picture does not do justice to this beautiful garland and they gorgeously painted feathers. I love the natural boho way this looks. It is perfect for pinning up on a bookshelf or in your room above your gratitude board!


Boho Tassel Scarf
By: Boho Babe
Retail: $34.00

This is my second favorite item in this month’s box. I am actually wearing it today! It is silky soft and gives just the right about of blockage to the wind here in Oklahoma. I love the lavender color and it is just perfect! I wear is most days over my pea coat. I want it in all colors!

Grateful Affirmations Mandala Print
Floral Bookmark

These are so much fun and elegantly made! I actually taped the Grateful Affirmations Mandala Print into my Bullet Journal and I am an AVID reader so this gorgeous floral bookmark is PERFECT for me!


Overview of Boho Babe
December Box!

The Boho Babe Crew just keep upping their game every single month! I can’t wait to see what they have coming for the new year but I know that they are going to rock it!

BohoBabe Mini Box- $19.99




Review: Boho Berry| December 2018


Boho Berry Box

One of my absolute favorite things in the world is to be organized. You could say that I am a Type A personality or a nerd and you’d be 100% correct. I love making To-Do Lists, I thrived on checking boxes, and I get super excited for stationary items.

As the years have gone by Bullet Journals have gotten more and more popular. I have always loved the idea of being the creator of my own agenda and journal. I don’t like being boxed in by what other people might think the best agenda would be. In comes bullet journaling! I can create my own boxes, themes, color schemes, and more!

However, I am not the most artistic person in the world. I am not the best at straight lines and sometimes I need help visualizing what my next month’s spread should look like. I started following a lot of Bujo youtube channels and the only that hooked me the most was Kara’s channel Boho Berry. I love the way she would do her spreads, how relaxed she was, and how simple they looked. When I found out that she was creating her own goods and even a subscription box I jumped on the chance and ordered the November 2018 box. I fell in love.

Okay, so with that back story out of the way. Here is my December 2018 box from Boho Berry!


I love that Kara designs items that will actually be used in that month’s spread! I can’t believe that 2018 is ALMOST over! Can you believe it? Where did this month go!?! I love that Kara and her Crew are into reflecting on what happened in 2018, the good, the bad, the ugly, and what can be changed or grown in the next year!

This sticker was amazing! I love the quote and the lettering. This will most certainly go on my laptop. I have been looking at the questions she asked on this FULL STICKER page for my bullet journal for the past couple of days and I am excited to fill it out tomorrow!


Not only does she create items that are perfect for the month but she also creates products that I have a problem drawing myself. As I admitted above, I am not the best with straight lines or spatial awareness. Haha! I really appreciate the Monthly Tracker that she puts in the box every month! She was talking in her unboxing of this box about how next year the tracker and the other stickers will also start matching the themes that she creates for each box. This is really exciting for me!


Another aspect that I love with this monthly box is that she has a theme and color scheme that matches. This month is all about reaching for the stars. She added these ADORABLE star and moon paperclips, the moon and star washi tape, and the beautiful crescent moon dish. Not only did she include those stationary items, but she always puts in writing utensils! This Tombow pencil is FREAKING amazing and you can never go wrong with a Tombow double sided marker.

This is one of my favorite boxes that I get every month and I do spend my own money on it. I love everything about this box and I hope you do as well!

If you would like to give this box a try you can use this coupon code B4A5 for a one-time use, $5 off your first purchase!!

I hope you have an amazing weekend! Keep planning!