Review: The Pint of No Return


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The Pint of No Return is the next installment of the Sloan Krause Beervaria Mystery Series. I loved every single aspect of this book. From learning about the brewing process, to understanding more about Sloan’s childhood, and falling in love with the different characters within the story.

Ellie has an uncanny ability to teach her readers about what her protagonist is passionate about This brings a hint of realism and probability to what she writes. Having a Cozy Mystery or a Mystery in general be believable is the first step in getting the readers to fall into the world and be open to the murder and the ‘whodunit’ aspects of the storyline.

In this book Sloan is still trying to figure out her feelings for her soon-to=be ex-husband, her new boss, and what she wants to do with her life after the divorce happens. This however has to be put on hold as Oktoberfest has now come around and this is the biggest and more important time for the town.

An added pressure is the fact that there is a film crew who are there to make a documentary about the brewing process, how the brewers interact with each other, and everything in the World of Beer. Of course with most documentaries you must have a a host. And a host they have. An old child star here to revamp their stardom. He is a pompous jerk who everyone seems to hate.

After being as to leave Nitro from drinking too much Sloan finds him dead in an alley way. Hoping that it wasn’t alcohol poisoning from their bar Sloan calls the police to get to the crime scene. Sloan is asked my the chief of police to keep an eye our since they are shorthanded due to the Oktoberfest going on.

Sloan wants to make sure that Nitro doesn’t get a bad name and she makes it her duty to figure out what is going on with the film crew, who doesn’t seem too distraught about their star’s death, her estranged husband, and keeping everything together when she learns about her past.

This is a wonderful addition to the Sloan Krause Beervaria series and I highly recommend it if you love Cozy Mysteries!

This was an ebook sent to me by the publisher on NetGalley for an honest review. Everything in this review is my honest opinion.


Tea Talk| Episode 1

Video Now Available!

Good morning everyone! I hope you are having a most wonderful Friday! I can’t believe it. Today is my 28th birthday! I have walked this planet for 28 years. I have breathed in the air, fell in love, made friends, had heart break, and have started new adventures! Speaking of new adventures, I am hoping that these Tea Talks will be a start of a wonderful new adventure and that you all will become apart of it with me.

I am currently drinking an amazing tea that I received in my June Sipsby box. This is a subscription box that I have been really enjoying. It has brought some AMAZING and mouth-watering teas into my life that I couldn’t be happier about.


This is a Super Fruit tea, if you are interested in knowing more about the tea click here. This is NOT an affiliate link, I am just loving this amazing caffeine free fruity tea. I love the name of the tea and the taste bursts on your tongue! It has a beautiful aroma and color as well.

So, you are probably wondering what are these Tea Talks going to be about? Are they bookish related? Are they going to be something that I want to watch or read about?

The short answer: I hope so.

The long answer: I have recently noticed somethings on my channel and on my blog. I have been drawn to different genres and different types of content lately. Isn’t that the way human nature works? We are constantly evolving and changing. To stay stagnant in something is to stop evolving.

I have had many people comment and question about whether or not I am going to be doing anymore Cozy Mystery reviews, books, and the like. Yes, most certainly. Cozy Mysteries are always going to be my favorite genre. There is just something about the small towns, the proud and tough women, and the mystery of it all that I love and can’t get enough of.

However, I am going to create more and new content. I have become interested in other genres and new and exciting types of videos. I see you all as my friends. I see you all as amazing people who love the same things that I love and who are also growing in their lives as well.

I have recently been reached out to by A Year of Boxes Company. They love the pictures I have been doing on my Instagram and the fact that I review tea and different types of fun things like that and have asked me to be a reviewer for some different type of subscription boxes. This is so exciting for me, because it gives me the chance to see how others think of their boxes, I am STILL working on getting The Cozy Mystery Escape up and running. It is a lot more work than I thought.


I’m stating all of this because I was thinking about doing unboxings on my channel and I wanted to see what your thoughts were about that. You are all part of my Bookish Family and I want to grow with you and get your opinion and what you think about the different things that I am wanting to incorporate into my channel! This is something that I am SUPER SUPER excited about and I wanted to share all of it with you! EEEK!

On a slightly more serious note, I have been having some serious thought as to whether I should bring this up or not. I normally don’t want to bring attention to negative aspects of my channel, but lately it seems as though there are a few people who have been consistently thumbs downing my videos.

Now I know that there are always going to be people who you can’t make happy. I have had to remind my students quite a bit over the years that not everyone is going to like you. That is just life. You could be the nicest person in the whole entire world and someone wouldn’t like you because you are too nice.

I once had someone tell me that I am way too happy of a person and there must be something wrong with me. That I brought them down because of my perkiness at work. Of course that hurt my feelings and I have now realized that not everyone is going to like me or my videos or the changes I have been making. But I wanted to ask a favor.

If you see yourself as my friend as I see ALL OF YOU, please let me know if there is something that I have done to upset you. Maybe give me suggestions on some videos you would like to see. I want this place to be a place of happiness and fun. I normally ignore the thumbs down and love all of the comments that you all send me every week. They really are the highlights of my week!

Well, that is the end of the Tea Talk Episode 1. I am super excited to get to know everyone more and to have you all get to know me more than what I normally film every week. I am hoping that once Summer is over I’ll be able to keep up with three videos a week, including these Tea Talks.

XOXO Happy Reading! XOXO



June 2018| Cozy Releases

June Cozy Myster Releases (1)


A Bookmobile Series
Book 1
By: Nora Page
Already Out!

When her best hope of saving her storm-damaged library is found murdered, senior librarian Cleo Watkins hits the road in her bookmobile in search of justice.

Septuagenarian librarian Cleo Watkins won’t be shushed when an upstart young mayor threatens to permanently shelve her tiny town’s storm-damaged library. She takes to her bookmobile, Words on Wheels, to collect allies and rally library support throughout Catalpa Springs, Georgia.

However, Cleo soon rolls into trouble. A major benefactor known for his eccentric DIY projects requests all available books on getting away with murder. He’s no Georgia peach, and Cleo wonders if she should worry about his plans. She knows she should when she discovers him bludgeoned and evidence points to her best friend, Mary-Rose Garland.

Sure of Mary-Rose’s innocence, Cleo applies her librarian’s sleuthing skills to the case, assisted by friends, family, and the dapper antiquarian bookseller everyone keeps calling her boyfriend. Evidence stacks up, but a killer is overdue to strike again. With lives and her library on the line, Cleo must shift into high gear to close the book on murder in Better Off Read, the charming Bookmobile series debut by Nora Page.


An All-Day Breakfast Cafe Mystery
Book 2
By: Lena Gregory
Releases: June 19th

To save her cozy Florida diner, Gia Morelli must choke down a heaping helping of murder . . . 
New York native Gia Morelli is just getting used to life in Florida when she gets word that the town government wants to shut down her pride and joy: the charming little diner known as the All-Day Breakfast Café. A forgotten zoning regulation means that the café was opened illegally, and hardboiled council president Marcia Steers refuses to budge. Gia is considering hanging up her apron and going back to New York, but before she gives up on her dream, she discovers something shocking in the local swamp: Marcia Steers, dead in the water. There’s a secret buried in the books at town hall, and someone killed to keep it hidden. To save her café and bring a killer to justice, Gia and her friends will have to figure out a killer’s recipe for murder . . .

51TjKk1qjPLA Mystery Series
Book 1
By: Shelia Connolly
Releases: June 26th

Katherine Hamilton’s goal in high school was to escape from her dead-end hometown of Asheford, Maryland. Fifteen years later she’s got a degree in hospitality management and a great job at a high-end boutique hotel in Baltimore. Until, that is, the hotel is acquired by a chain, and she’s laid off. When Kate’s high school best friend calls with a mysterious invitation to come talk with the town leaders of Asheford, she agrees to make the trip, curious about where this new opportunity might lead.

Once Kate arrives, the town council members reveal that their town is on the verge of going bankrupt, and they’ve decided that Kate’s skills and knowledge make her the perfect person to cure all their ills. The town has used its last available funds to buy the huge Victorian mansion just outside of town, hoping to use it to attract some of the tourists who travel to visit the nearby Civil War battle sites. Kate has less-than-fond memories of the mansion, for personal reasons, but to make matters worse, the only person who has presented a possible alternate plan is Cordelia Walker—Kate’s high school nemesis.

But a few days later, while touring the mansion, Kate stumbles over a body—and it’s none other than Cordelia. Kate finds herself juggling the murder investigation and her growing fascination with the old house, which itself is full of long-hidden mysteries. Kate must clear her name and save her town—before she ends up in hot water.

518BxS8ZTILA Cat Lady Mystery
Book 2
By: Linda Reilly
Releases: June 26th

Whisker Jog, New Hampshire, is a long way from Hollywood, but it’s the place legendary actress Deanna Daltry wants to call home. Taking up residence in a stone mansion off Cemetery Hill, the retired, yet still glamorous, septuagenarian has adopted two kittens from Lara Caphart’s High Cliff Shelter for Cats. With help from her Aunt Fran, Lara makes sure the kitties settle in safely with their new celebrity mom.

But not everyone in town is a fan of the fading star. Deanna was in Whisker Jog when she was younger, earning a reputation for pussyfooting around, and someone is using that knowledge against her. After being frightened by some nasty pranks, Deanna finds herself the prime murder suspect when the body of a local teacher is found on her property. Now, it’s up to Lara, Aunt Fran, and the blue-eyed Ragdoll mystery cat Lara recently encountered to collar a killer before another victim is pounced upon . . .
513ladlWhmLA Bakeshop Mystery
Book 8
By: Ellie Alexander
Releases: June 26th

Jules Capshaw has too much on her plate—and she’s feeling the pinch: the whole town of Ashland, Oregon, is in on the surprise Elizabethan-themed wedding she’s planning for her mom and soon-to-be stepdad. But is her secret scheme half-baked? She’s hiding racks overflowing with sweet treats while Torte is topsy-turvy with a major remodel and the return of Jules’s estranged husband, Carlos. And until now, Jules had no clue about the bitter family feud that has her friend Lance frazzled and suspicious. But when a party crasher takes someone out with a serving of poisoned wine and Jules discovers the deadly cup was intended for her, it’s time to turn the tables on a killer.


Library-A-Thon TBR

A TBR Brought to you for the
Hello everyone! I know it has been a while since my last post! Life has been incredibly busy! As a teacher the end of the school year is FAST approaching and there are so many things to do and so little time! I have been reading A LOT better in the month of May, let me tell you though! A lot better. I have actually been reaching a little bit outside of my comfort zone lately as well, which I am proud of. I needed a short reprieve from Cozies for a little bit and now I am ready to tackle my Cozy TBR Pile!

As stated above this is my short TBR for the Library-A-Thon that will be held June 3rd 2018 thru June 9th 2018. I was tagged to be apart of this Readathon by my good friend Jashana , if you are NOT following her I suggest you get to it! She is hilarious, blunt, and stick you right with what she is thinking! She is a breath of fresh air! The Creator Saajid and Co-Hosts are Kelly and Kathy. Go follow their channels and without further ado, let’s get into this TBR!

There are 6 Challenges to this Library-A-Thon:

1. Borrow and read a book set in a country that you’ve never read a book set in before.

2. Borrow and read a book that you’ve never heard of before.

3. Borrow and read a book that’s out of your comfort zone (genre, age group, themes, etc.)

4. Borrow and read a book that you’ve been meaning to read, but haven’t gotten around to.

5. Borrow and read a book recommended by a librarian.

6. Borrow and read a bookish book (for instance, a book about books, a book with ‘book’ in the title or a book with a book on the cover).

I have three books that I am really excited to read! What’s awesome is that I went onto Hoopla, Overdrive, and My Library’s App to find all of these books and they were all suggested or they popped up to be read!


For the challenges of Borrow and read a book set in a country that you’ve never read a book set in before and a book outside of your comfort zone I am choosing Cinder By: Marissa Meyer!

This is a retelling of Cinderella I believe. I have seen this series roaming around Booktube over the past year, but I haven’t read or picked it up until now. I am going to try and read it as an Audiobook from Hoopla.

I don’t normally read Young Adult fiction so it is kind of outside of my comfort zone, but I am still excited and intrigued by the idea of this series.

Synopsis below:
CINDER, a gifted mechanic in New Beijing, is also a cyborg. She’s reviled by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister’s sudden illness. But when her life becomes entwined with the handsome Prince Kai’s, she finds herself at the centre of a violent struggle between the desires of an evil queen – and a dangerous temptation.

Cinder is caught between duty and freedom, loyalty and betrayal. Now she must uncover secrets about her mysterious past in order to protect Earth’s future.

download-1For Challenges 5 and 6:

5. Borrow and read a book recommended by a librarian.

6. Borrow and read a bookish book (for instance, a book about books, a book with ‘book’ in the title or a book with a book on the cover).

I have chosen “The Library at the Edge of the World” By: Felicity Hayes-McCoy! This book seemed to fit these two challenges PERFECTLY! Seriously, I couldn’t have planned it better!

Synopsis Below:
As she drives her mobile library van between villages of Ireland’s West Coast, Hanna Casey tries not to think about a lot of things. Like the sophisticated lifestyle she abandoned after finding her English barrister husband in bed with another woman. Or that she’s back in Lissbeg, the rural Irish town she walked away from in her teens, living in the back bedroom of her overbearing mother’s retirement bungalow. Or, worse yet, her nagging fear that, as the local librarian and a prominent figure in the community, her failed marriage and ignominious return have made her a focus of gossip.

With her teenage daughter, Jazz, off traveling the world and her relationship with her own mother growing increasingly tense, Hanna is determined to reclaim her independence by restoring a derelict cottage left to her by her great-aunt. But when the threatened closure of the Lissbeg Library puts her personal plans in jeopardy, Hanna finds herself leading a battle to restore the heart and soul of the Finfarran Peninsula’s fragmented community. And she’s about to discover that the neighbors she’d always kept at a distance have come to mean more to her than she ever could have imagined.


This book covers two challenges that seem to negate each other, but I promise that I makes sense, at least…to me it does!

Challenges 2 and 4
2. Borrow and read a book that you’ve never heard of before.

4. Borrow and read a book that you’ve been meaning to read, but haven’t gotten around to.

As you all know I love Agatha Christie! The Mother of Cozy Mysteries! I have really been meaning to read more of her work (hence challenge 4). I am so happy that the library had a short story that I have never heard of before. I have heard about Tommy & Tuppence, but I didn’t know anything about their storyline or anything about the characters (hence challenge 2)!

Synopsis below:

Captain Sessle is found stabbed through the heart with a hatpin, and the only clue is a bit of red wool in his hand. A pretty blonde is charged because she was wearing a bright red wool coat, but the Beresfords aren’t so sure. Was there more behind the killing than a cute girl and some red yarn?

That is the end of my TBR for the Library-A-Thon! I am super excited to get started on these books after the school year is over! I am super excited that this readathon starts RIGHT after school ends!

Create Your Own Book Box Tag

Copy of Copy of Camp NaNoWriMo & Wordsonthepageathon.png

Does anyone else sign up for book boxes?! Page Habit. Owl Crate. Fairy Loot. There are so many different types of book boxes out there! SO MANY! How do you know which one to pick!?! Are you going to LOVE everything that comes in the box!?!

I have been so overwhelmed when it comes to trying to pick the perfect book box. I get frustrated when I get a box and I am not going to read the book. This got me thinking. What book box would I create?! What goodies would I put in the box!?! What would be MY box’s theme?

The idea of creating a book box is super exciting! It’s creating a whole reading experience for the customers. So, I thought, why not make a tag based on Creating Your Own Book Box!?! So, without further ado, let’s get into this!

GenresQuestion 1: What would your genre be?

I know that a lot of boxes surround themselves in YA, new releases, and may even have different box genres available. So, what would make your stand out among the rest? I personally would chose the sub-genre Cozy Mysteries! But not just new releases, because who likes to start in the middle of a series!? Not me! I would make sure that every month had a different 1st Cozy of the Series!

imagesQuestion 2: What would your theme be?

A lot of book boxes have themes for every month. A fantasy theme. A Harry Pottery theme. You name it! What would your theme be every month? Would it be the same or different every month?

I personally would change my theme every month to go with the theme of the cozy mystery! There are so many different types of themes in Cozy Mysteries that one could NEVER get bored. If you ask me! There are desert mysteries, spice mysteries, sewing mysteries, magic mysteries. You name it, there is probably a mystery for it!

the-bookish-box-dec-2015-itemsQuestions 3: What items would your put in your box?

With so many boxes out there and so many bookish goodies the sky is the limit when it comes to filling your box up with amazing goodies! Some companies put book marks, stickers, buttons, and even socks!

I would personally put 3-5 items in the box that revolve around the book its self! If it is a baking book I might put a homemade recipe card in there! I might put a sweet candle that is based off of a scent in the book! Maybe in coffee or tea to enhance the experience!

original_je-ne-sais-quoi-a3-wooden-printQuestion 4: What would set your box out in front of the rest?

You need to have something that would make your box shine brighter then the others! For example, Page Habit has their author’s annotate their books! Which is super cool! Once Upon a Book Box has the customer open up presents at certain pages in the book! I love this idea!

For me, I would want to make my box a retreat. I would want my readers to feel immersed in the story. In the town. Reading is about escaping the world around you sometimes. This box would do that.

The items in the box would be hand picked for the series. It would elevate the senses and make the readers feel as though they are really in the world. Their might be some beautiful hand made yarn for a knitting series with instructions on how to make a scarf. It would be a whole experience!

downloadQuestion 5: Where would you get the goodies for your box?

There are so many creative people in the world that there is an endless supply of artists, crafters, and the like to pull from. I know that I would personally reach out to Etsy creators, creative people in my life, and even makes things at home that would go into the box.

This would be a group project! Something that would be fun and inspiring to others! I think that this would be a lot of fun to create!

sale-tags-free-vector-set_23-2147493679Question 6: What would be the cost and how often?

We all know that book boxes run the gambit of prices. I’ve seen some as low as $10 a month (plus shipping) to $60 for quarterly boxes. What would you want to do for your box?

For me, personally, I would want my box to be between $25-35 a month plus shipping and handling. I want their to be quality products in the boxes. I wouldn’t just pick random things that fall apart when you get them. Or teas that you could buy from Target or Walmart. This would be an Escapism box. A box that should take you out of your world.

Now, I personally have done research, but still not enough to understand how making a box in the real world would cost or how hard it would be for wholesale. I think that I would give my subscribers a choice. They could get a box monthly or quarterly. For the quarterly box I might put two or three cozies in the box with the same theme. It would be more expensive since it would have more goodies!

large_create2copy-copyBONUS Question: Make an example of a book box you would create! 

Take one of your absolute favorite books that you would want to create a box for and do it! Show it off! Take pictures and tag me in them! Make this video and tag me! I want to see all of your imaginations soar!



And that is the end of the Create Your Own Book Box tag! I hope that you enjoyed this! I had a lot of fun creating it! It has really got me thinking about creating my own Cozy Mystery Box! Wooooo!

May 2018 Cozy Releases

May 2018 Cozy Mystery Releases.png

Hey hey my #cozycompanions! How are you doing on this amazing Wednesday morning?! I am doing pretty well. I have my coffee next to me, listing to calming music, and am super excited about all of these Cozy Mystery Releases for the month of May!
We only have 5 Cozy Releases that I am going to talk about this month. I am guessing that there aren’t a lot of books coming out in May or I might be missing something. These were the ones that seemed most interesting to me! So, without further ado, let’s get into this!

51LKc2PFS0LAn Abracadabra Mystery Series
Book 3
By: Sharon Pape
Releases: May 1st

November in upstate New York can be chilly, but Kailyn Wilde’s shop, Abracadabra, is a cozy respite where you can find lotions, potions, and plenty of warm, feline company. But what customers don’t know is that the proprietor has some unusual powers—and unusual friends, including the renowned magician Merlin, who’s been transported into the modern world. All of which comes in handy when there’s a murder to be solved . . .

Investigative journalist Ryan Cutler has perished in a car accident in New Camel, and his friend, Travis, suspects foul play—especially when the reporter’s notes reveal a mysterious list of dead men’s names. Kailyn wants to help, but she’s also got her hands full with the curmudgeonly Merlin, who’s not exactly maintaining a low profile. Between keeping the wizard under wraps and mixing up cold remedies that work like magic, she’ll have to tap into her many talents to figure out a killer’s fatal formula . . .

51Z1oP13iMLA Magic Garden Mystery Series
Book 1
By: Amanda Flower
Releases: May 8th

Florist Fiona Knox’s life isn’t smelling so sweet these days. Her fiancé left her for their cake decorator. Then, her flower shop wilted after a chain florist opened next door. So when her godfather, Ian MacCallister, leaves her a cottage in Scotland, Fiona jumps on the next plane to Edinburgh. Ian, after all, is the one who taught her to love flowers. But when Ian’s elderly caretaker Hamish MacGregor shows her to the cottage upon her arrival, she finds the once resplendent grounds of Duncreigan in a dreadful shambles—with a dead body in the garden.

Minutes into her arrival, Fiona is already being questioned by the handsome Chief Inspector Neil Craig and getting her passport seized. But it’s Craig’s fixation on Uncle Ian’s loyal caretaker, Hamish, as a prime suspect, that really makes her worried. As Fiona strolls the town, she quickly realizes there are a whole bouquet of suspects much more likely to have killed Alastair Croft, the dead lawyer who seems to have had more enemies than friends.


A Barkery & Biscuts Mystery Series
Book 4
By: Linda O. Johnston
Releases: May 8th

As a technician for a local vet and the owner of the Barkery & Biscuits dog bakery, Carrie Kennersly is excited to host a rescue animal adoption event. She’s also excited to be in a relationship with veterinarian Dr. Reed Storme, despite his pleas for her to butt out of the murder cases she keeps finding herself involved with.

Yet when Reed is accused of killing his former veterinary colleague, he seems a lot more agreeable to having amateur detective Carrie butt back in. Can Carrie clear Reed, or does she care too much for a killer?


A Daisy’s Tea Garden Mystery Series
Book 2
By: Karen Rose Smith
Releases: May 29th

As local merchants unite to attract tourists for a much anticipated weekend quilting event, business is sure to spill over into eateries like Daisy’s Tea Garden. Gorgeous craftwork is hanging everywhere—but among the quilts, potholders, and placemats, one gallery owner is wrapped up in some dangerous affairs . . .

Reese Masemer had been dating one of Daisy’s employees, Tessa, an artist, though their last interaction was as strained as a cup of loose leaf tea. Now Reese has been found dead near a covered bridge where Tessa’s been practicing her sketches. She’s the obvious suspect, but Daisy’s learning that there were some major secrets in Reese’s background, and several of his relationships were infused with resentment. To save Tessa, she’ll have to find out who’s tainted this quaint little town with murder . . .


A Shamelessly Adorable Teddy Bear Mystery Series
Book 2
By: Meg Macy
Releases: May 29th

As autumn air settles into the quaint small town of Silver Hollow, there’s nothing more popular than Sasha’s teddy bears—and murder in cold blood . . . 

Silver Bear Shop and Factory manager Sasha Silverman is cozying up to the fall season by hosting Silver Hollow’s Cranbeary Tea Party, the opening event of the village’s Oktobear Fest—a too-cute celebration themed around teddy bears. She barely has a moment to agonize over the return of her former high school rival, Holly Parker, whose new toy and bookstore in town could spell big trouble for the Silver Bear Shop and her cousin’s small bookstore . . .

But when Sasha discovers Holly’s shop assistant dead with a knife plunged in her body, the unpleasant woman suddenly looks like a real backstabber. So does Sasha’s ex-husband, rumored to have rekindled the fiery extramarital affair he once had with the victim. Now, before a gruesome homicide case takes the fun out of both the Fest and her personal life, Sasha must identify the true culprit from a daunting suspect list—or risk becoming as lifeless as one of her stuffed bears . . .


Library 411 Tag!

Copy of Camp NaNoWriMo & Wordsonthepageathon.png

I was recently tagged by my friend Jashana on Booktube or @jashanawriter on Twitter. I love the library and everything that encompasses being able to go somewhere without going anywhere. These are some amazing questions that she created and I am so humbled that she decided to tag me! Go check her amazingness out! I promise, you will love her! I will be filming a video of this and it will come out tomorrow! 
1. Information Desk: A book that was helpful to you, for any reason.

downloadA book that was extremely helpful to me would have to be, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**K”. This book really helped me see how I was allowing certain things to go on in my life when I needed to bring about change inside of myself before I could do anything else within my life.

I really enjoyed the overall message. It has been quite a while since I have read it and I think I need to buy it in physical form so that I can highlight and mark up my favorite pages and places.

There is something to say about a really good self-help book. I would normally not read these types of books, but I believe that Mark Manson was extremely clever in naming this book because that is what brought me into reading it. 

2. The Return Bin: What are two books you read and immediately wanted to return (bc you disliked) or a recent DNF

34806691I recently finished my Book of the Month Club book “And Then She War Gone” by Lisa Jewell. I had really thought that I was going to enjoy this book. I had it in my head that it was going to be just as wonderful of a read as “The Broken Girls” by Simone St. James. 

I couldn’t have been more far from the truth. This book was nothing that I expected nor was it a book that I enjoyed. It made me feel incredibly uncomfortable and kind of dirty reading it. I know that I will be unhauling it soon to someone else or another place. 


225024Another book that I will not be re-reading again would have to be “Don’t Look Down”, by Jennifer Crusie. I read this in the middle of the summer last year and I was so excited about it. Jennifer Crusie was one of my most favorite authors and I thought that I had read everything that she had written. 

So when I found this book at my local used bookstore, Gardener’s, I was so thrilled that I couldn’t wait to get home to read it. I read it in about two days and I was livid. I couldn’t believe that Crusie had written such a weak-willed female protagonist. She waited for the guy to rescue her. It actually sickened me. I was steaming. The only reason I haven’t unhauled the book is that I love having all of Jennifer Crusie’s books on my shelves, but I will not be rereading it. 

3. Holds Section: Your most anticipated release, which you can’t wait to get your hands on?

36187823A release for this June that I CANNOT wait to read would have to be Ellie Alexander’s “Till Death Do Us Tart”! I am eager for this next installment of the Bakeshop Mystery series to come out. 

They are planning the biggest and more intricate wedding in Ashland and I couldn’t be happier. To be able to see two of my most favorite people finally tying the knot is something that puts the biggest smile on my face. I am so excited about this! 



4. Community Classes & Study Rooms: A book you loved that was a school assignment.

download-1I would have to say the book that had my heart in my throat and one that made me fall in love with reading even more is “Fahrenheit 451”, by Ray Bradbury. The whole entire idea of a firefighter being the one to start a fire and to destroy knowledge and imaginary worlds always left me aghast. 

I recently found out that they are going to be doing a movie or a short show series on it. I think that it is going to be brilliant. To take something that is regularly quoted, read, and extremely relevant during these ‘fake news’ times. 

5. Computers: A modern classic you love, or favorite sci-fi.

download-2Oh goodness! A modern class OR a favorite sci-fi?! How about BOTH!? I would have to say that “Frankenstein”, by Mary Shelley would have to be one of my all time favorites. 

I had to read this book for the first time for my Science Fiction By Women course at Northeastern State. Before this course I did not know that a woman had actually been the first person to write a science fiction novel. I thought that this was a brilliant light bulb over my head. 

Though this book was harder to read because of the changes in the English language over the past century it was still just as compelling and fascinating as it was then.
6. DVD Rentals: Your most anticipated, or favorite in recent history, book-to-move or book-to-tv adaptation. OR! a book that felt cinematic or a book you wish would be adapted into a movie or TV series.

download-4Hmmm. I think that if I had to choose a series that would be put into a TV series I would have to choose Anne Bishop’s Black Jewel series. I feel like the magic system, the characters, and the feel of the series would work well with most audiences. I would also just like to see the world alive on the screen. This is one of my favorite book series that I have read. I believe that I own all of them.

“The Dark Kingdom is preparing itself for the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy–the arrival of a new Queen, a Witch who will wield more power than even the High Lord of Hell himself. But this new ruler is young, and very susceptible to influence and corruption; whoever controls her controls the Darkness. And now, three sworn enemies begin a ruthless game of politics and intrigue, magic and betrayal, and the destiny of an entire world is at stake”
7. Library Book Store/Sale: A random book you picked up (w/o knowing anything about) and really enjoyed, or show off your fave bookish merch!

31390219When I was at Comic-Con in the Summer of 2016 I was walking around the HUGE section of books, comics, graphic novels, and all of the bookish goods. I was walking around and found this colorful and vibrant booth and I was instantly brought to it. 

This is where I found Lumber Janes and The Backstagers! I originally purchased the Lumber Janes volume one (which is also my very first video and review on my booktube channel).  Right before I walked away from the book I saw The Backsttagers and I was immediately brought it. 

Ilove the colors, how playful the boys looked, and the fact that it involved the theater as well. I had to get the first issue. I was so happy that I did. Just in the first comic I was brought in with the friendships that were made, the crushes that were blooming, and the fun aspect of what was hidden in the theater. I highly recommend this series. 

8. Teen/Youth Room: Favorite YA or favorite book you read as a kid. OR: A book you can’t wait to share with your future kids/nieces/nephews

download-3.jpgA series that I can’t wait to show my nephew, Michael-Scott, would have to be the Among the Hidden series by Margaret Peterson-Haddix. This series revolves around a farming family and their secret. The world has changed. There was a drought and a shortage of food. Due to this everyone in the United States was limited to two children. Third children were illegal and were even killed if they were born. 

We follow Luke Gardner. The hidden third child. This series follows Luke’s trials and tribulations of understanding why his family hid him to understanding the this wasn’t right and all third children should be free. 

I read all seven books of this series to my 5th grades for five years. They loved it so much that I can’t wait to see if my nephew will love them as well!
9. Museum Tickets: A book that made you feel a bit more cultured upon completing it.

16299.jpgThat would have to be my very first Agatha Christie book, “And Then There Were None”. I don’t normally read a lot of classical books or books that people would consider cultured. I tend to read for fun and for relaxation. But I felt extremely good about myself after reading “And Then There Were None”. I felt as though I was apart of something more. All of those amazing people who can read classical books and enjoy it.

It helped that Agatha Christie is considered the mother of the Cozy Mystery genre. It was easier for me to get into the book. I have a vlog of when I went to New Orleans and I have live reactions to this book. It was marvelous. I couldn’t figure out the ‘whodunit’ and I loved that! 

10. Overdrive/Hoopla: An audio book you love.

9969571.jpgAn audio book that I ABSOLUTELY love would be “Ready Player One”, by Ernest Cline. Will Wheton is the one who reads the book aloud and it was brilliant. I loved having him talk about all of the things that he grew up with.


You could hear the humor in his voice when he was mentioned in the book. He really helped bring the book alive AND made it seem as though we were in the 80s as well as the future!



11. Request a Purchase: A lesser known book that you want more people to know about and read.

11.jpgI don’t know if you would call this a lesser known book since it has been made into a movie, but I really loved reading Douglas Adams’, “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.

I read the Ultimate Edition during my senior year in high school. It had all five books in one huge, heavy, and hard to edition. It was totally worth it. I loved the quirky characters. I loved the way everything was tied together and how crazy the plot was.

I really believe that this series should have been more than just one movie. While the movie is good and is quoted quite frequently I really feel that they did not do justice to the book. They needed to add more of the adventures and the character development to the characters for the audience to really understand everything about them. 

12. Librarians: A character who loved helping others.

18631568.jpgA character that was extremely helpful and alway giving of themselves is Aang from “Avatar the Last Airbender”. I know that technically it started out as a TV show on Nickelodeon, but I have fallen in love with the comics/graphic novels that have come out. 

Especially “The Search” when you finally find out what happened to Zuko’s mom. This show pulled at all of my heart strings and emotions. 

I love the friendship that turns into family in this series. Aang has the biggest heart out of all of them and it always warms my soul to watch and read about these characters. 
13. Sanctuary: A book that is your safety net/is like home to you/helped you through a rough time.

3.jpgThis is without a doubt a cliche answer. However, this is the only answer I really have. Harry Potter. That series got me through hell. My mom was sick for a very long time. An extremely long time. I didn’t think I would ever get my mom back from everything that the doctors put her through. 

But, this series was our saving grace. Even when she was so sick we had something to talk about when it came to books. She would keep me home when a new book came out and we would talk about it. We would go see the midnight releases when the movies or new books came out. 

I believe that the love of Harry Potter kept my family together when everything else was falling apart. So, even though this might be everyone’s answer. This is mine.