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Hey everyone! I hope you are having an AMAZING Saturday! Today is a wonderful day for me. If you have been following me on Twitter or Instagram you know my Dad went into the ICU this week with diabetic complications. He is coming home today! YES! This is why I haven’t been as present here on Courtagonist this week. But I am back!

I recently had a subscriber asking me about Cozies on Kindle Unlimited. I actually redescribed to Kindle Unlimited to do this Top 5 and I am SO happy that I did. I have found some of my new favorite authors and character through doing this.

If you are not familiar with Kindle Unlimited, click this link. It will tell you about all of the ins and outs. basically KU is a subscription that is 9.99 a month that allows you access to hundreds of thousands of books that you can download to your Kindle or Kindle App. There is a limit on how many books you can download at once, I believe it is 10 at a time.

I have noticed that Cozies that are written and published on Amazon are shorter than those that are published into mass market paperbacks. On average Cozies are written between 50,000-75,000 words. And it seems that the average of Amazon Cozies are between 25,000-50,000 words. That does not mean that they aren’t just as fantastic as other’s who are published through Berkley or something like that. But they are quicker reads and might not be as throughly written as others.

I did not realize how many HUNDREDS of Cozies there are on KU! Seriously, there are SO many! It was extremely hard to choose the Top 5, but I had to limit myself. So, without further ado, let’s get started!


Series: Sky High Pies
Author: Mary Maxwell

I have read the first book in this series so far, Murder By The Slice. This is a super fun and cute cozy mystery. The first book revolves around Kate Reed. She has returned to a small town in Colorado, Crescent Creek to run her family’s bakery/cafe Sky High Pies.

She is wanting to start out fresh. She is moving home from Chicago, where an unfortunate ‘accident’ happened. Her boss was killed. She believes that it was murder, while the police don’t think so. She decides that she is going to move on from her life in Chicago and start doing something with her life that she loves, baking.

However, her past life isn’t ready to let her go and it follows her to the sleepy town of Crescent Creek. “As she settles into a new routine in the Rocky Mountains, everything’s going as planned. Until, that is, perilous ripples from her previous life threaten Kate and everyone around her. When a FBI agent is killed and the suspected murder weapon is found at Sky High Pies covered with Kate’s fingerprints, she instinctively returns to PI mode to help local authorities identify the killer and prevent any additional deaths—including her own.”

I really liked the first book in this series. It was a fun and quick read. I am excited to read the rest of the series! I rated it 3/5 stars!

Series: Bewitched by Chocolatedownload-2
Author: HY Hanna

I am actually in the middle of the first book currently, but I am loving it so far. I have actually read all of H.Y. Hanna’s Oxford Tea Room Cozy Mystery series, which are also FANTASTIC, but not on Kindle Unlimited.

This series is about Caitlyn, her mother, a famous singer, recently passed away in a car accident. She leaves Caitlyn a letter divulging that she is not her actually daughter. She was found on the side of a road in England.

She flies halfway across the world to follow her past and try to find any trace of her family that let her go. She ends up in the quaint English village of Tillyhenge where she finds out a man has been murdered by what people are assuming is magic.

Tillyhenge seems to be encompassed with a certain feeling. Cell phones don’t work. The internet is sketchy at best. Caitlyn finds herself staying with the local “old witch”, rescuing a kitten, and meeting Lord James Fitzroy. “Not to mention discovering that she herself might have magical blood in her veins!”

When she’s dragged into the murder investigation and realises that dark magic is involved, Caitlyn is forced to choose. Can she embrace her witchy powers in time to solve the mystery and save those she loves?

Series: Scarlet Cove Seaside Cozy
Authors: Agatha Frost & Evelyn Amber

If you have read some of my other blog posts or my booktube videos you know that I love the author Agatha Frost. When I found out that she co-authored another cozy series with one of her really good friends I knew that I had to pick it up! I am so happy that I did!

Scarlet Cove is a wonderful small town in England that is surrounded by the sea, a castle, and some amazing characters.

Our main sleuth is someone who actually has some back ground in investigation, which is not a usual career for our protagonists. Liz Jones has retired as a detective as the age of 42, she is wanting to start her life over pursuing a career that her heart has always been set on, opening a craft store and painting everyday by the sea.

She never in her wildest dreams thought that her life from the big city would follow her into the sleepy town she now calls home. She is quietly painting on the beach when she notices a dog barking uncontrollably. Desperation in his voice. She spots the boat and that it appears as though there isn’t anyone steering.

“She falls back into old habits when she vows to discover the truth about the fisherman’s death, but will she do it before the murderer strikes again? With her retirement and dream life on the line, Liz must battle against the clock to restore peace to the sleepy town of Scarlet Cove before all is washed away.”

I rated it a 4/5 stars on Goodreads. It was such a fun book. The third book comes out this month!

Series: A Peridale Cafe Series
Author: Agatha Frost

This is one of my favorite cozy mystery series that I found thanks to signing up for Kindle Unlimited.

This series follows Julia South. She has moved to her hometown Peridale to start her live out her dream of starting a cafe. She has spent all of her savings opening this shop and has put everything into keeping it open.

“Soon to be divorced Julia South never expected to be caught up in solving a murder, until she discovered the body of her cafe’s most awkward customer. With a new smug Detective Inspector in town who underestimates her every move, Julia makes it her mission to discover the real murderer, before her village friends are dragged into the frame, and more bodies are discovered.”

I gave the first book a 3/5 stars, but they get better as you read them. The characters develop more, the relationships, and I just love the family dynamic. I highly suggest you pick up this series!

download-3Series: Port Danby Cozy Mystery Series
Author: London Lovett

“Lacey ‘Pink’ Pinkerton has left behind a six figure job and her reputation as the million dollar nose—a nickname her super sense of smell earned her within the perfume industry.

With her pet crow Kingston and a tabby cat named Nevermore, she is settling right into her new life in the small coastal town of Port Danby. With a flower shop opening soon and a full cast of quirky neighbors and friends, her new digs are exactly what she’s been looking for.

Away from the hectic hustle and bustle of the city Lacey has found peace and happiness. However, her heightened sense of smell proves to be of use once again when a Port Danby neighbor turns up dead.

Lacey finds herself caught up in an unexpected murder investigation alongside the handsome local detective, James Briggs. She’s determined to find the killer and solve the murder mystery before any more bodies turn up.”

The covers of these books are what brought me to download them! I mean, how could you not?!?

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! It means that absolute world to me. Please consider following my reviews! I have new content coming out every week. You can also go to my other social medias where I put out tons of Cozy Mystery goodness! It’s so much fun to talk to others about all of the books that I love reading! Leave some comments down below if you have read any of these!
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End of the Year| Goodbye 2017


Good morning everyone! I hope you are all having an amazing Christmas Eve! I hope it is filled with laughs, great food, cuddling, and of course a good book.

I can’t believe it. 2017 is almost over. Just one more week and we face 2018. We have the choice to look at it as a new chapter in our lives. One where we have new goals and priorities. I am super excited for what is to come in 2018. I have so many ideas! I only hope that I have enough time to get everything done!

You all are getting a sneak peek into my answers for the End of the Year Tag that will be posted on my channel on the 29th of December. I feel like that is the least I can do. I want you all to know how much I love and appreciate you all for coming to my blog, following it, and commenting.

Writing a blog is something that is relatively new to me! I have been working on building my channel and my instagram for the past six months that I haven’t had much time to post on here. But that is going to change! I have found my niche on all of my platforms COZY MYSTERIES!

Striped Pattern (2)

Courtagonist Goals for 2018

  1. Post twice a week on my blog, youtube channel, and instagram!
  2. Make Cozy Mystery Content
    1. Cooking w/ Cozies
    2. Reading 52 Cozies in 2018
    3. Creating Themed Cozy lists (ex. cat cozies, baking cozies, etc)
    4. Author Studies with their pseudonyms
    5. Best Kindle Unlimited Cozies
    6. Young Mystery Series
    7. Cozy Mystery Bookclub!
  3. Get in touch with Cozy Mystery writers and get insights and interviews with them!

Now, lets get into the reason why your really clicked on this post! My End of the Year Tag!

  1. Are there any books you started this year that you need to finish?
    IMG_8147.jpgYes, the Darker Shade of Magic Series by VE Schwab, and The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. I know that I am not going to get them finished but it would have been amazing! I know that they aren’t Cozies, but they are amazingly written and they made me feel feels that I didn’t think was possible in a book series. IMG_8149
  2.  Do you have an autumnal book to transition into the end of the year?
    I’ve just been reading as many Cozy Mysteries as possible before the end of the year. When it comes to reminding me of autumnal settings I would have to go with Ellie Alexander’s newest book in a brand new series Death on Tap! It was set during the Fall time! Such a fun read!
  3. Is there a new release you’re still waiting for?
    Nope! All of the books I had been waiting for are out. But you know…the third in the King Killer Chronicles would be nice…..
  4. What are three books you want to read before the end of the year?
    A Gathering of Shadows by VE Schwab, A Crime of Passion Fruit and Another One Bites the Crust by Ellie Alexander! Ellie actually sent me an Advanced Reader Copy of Another One Bites the Crust which comes out on January 2nd! I am so excited!
  5. Is there a book you think could still shock you and become your favourite book of the year?
    Little Fires Everywhere. I own it and keep meaning to read it, but other books have gotten in the way.
  6. Have you already started making reading plans for 2018?
    Yes, I want next year to be the YEAR OF COZIES! I want to read 52 Cozies next year. One for each week! Whew! Think I can do it?