About Me!


Hey guys! How are you?! I hope you are fantastic! I know I am! Why, you say? Because you stopped by my blog site! That is super exciting and flattering! I love making new friends and having more people to talk to about all of the cozy things that we MUST have in life!

Okay, okay…maybe these things aren’t a MUST have but they sure are fun to try! That’s what I do on my site here and on my Youtube channel and my Instagram! I love reviewing life style boxes and books!

This blog will be pretty much a Treat-Yo-Self type of blog! I will talk about life style, food, and books! Most specifically COZY MYSTERIES! If you have a weakness for puns, murder, and amateur sleuthing then Cozies are for you!

If you ever have any questions, comments, or concern feel free to reach out to me. If you want to see a specific box or book review I would LOVE to hear about it! Thank you so much for stopping by!