Boho Babe Review| February 2019


Boho Babe always knocks it out of the park when it comes to their items but as well as with their themes. Last month for January was all about goals, planning, and really figuring out what you want in your life. February’s box was not any different! It was all about self-love! There is nothing better than loving yourself for who you are. I can attest to that. You can’t truly love anyone else until you accept and love yourself.

So, let’s dive into what the Boho Babe magical mavens have put together for us in this month’s box.

2PC Love Knot & Arrow Bangles
By: Boho Babe
Retail: $28.00

Boho Babe always knocks it out of the park with AMAZING jewelry. They are perfectly matched and on point to the other jewelry that they send throughout the year. These bangles are supposed to remind you that love conquers all. They sure do that for me. The bangles aren’t too heavy or cumbersome either. The perfect addition to any outfit.


Love Yourself Bath Salts
By Sister Sister Naturals
Retail: $8.00

Nothing says SELF LOVE more than running a hot bath, pouring bath salts in, lighting a few candles, a glass of wine, and a good book! If you ask for my HUMBLE opinion! Ha! These bath salts are meant to cleanse your aura and raise your vibration. They sure do that! They smell amazing and I just love the soft colors as well!


Microfiber Yoga Hand Towel
By: Boho Babe
Retail: $18.00

I’m not going to fib, I was confused as to why this was in the box until I read the product card. This is a MICROFIBER towel! These things are so expensive in the store! The fact that we got one in this box is wonderful! I have been steadily working on my yoga game and sometimes I really work up a sweat! This is perfect for those days.


Bi-Layered Heart Necklace
By: Boho Babe
Retail: $28.00

Again with the wonderful jewelry! This necklace goes perfectly with the bangles set that I talked about at the beginning of the blog. It is light weight and perfect for those days where you just want a simple and elegant look!


Carnelian Gemstone + Description Card
By: Boho Babe
Retail: $10.00

I love that this box is constantly teaching you things! They almost ALWAYS have a beautiful gemstone in their boxes that revolve around their theme for the month. I love that this one is all about restoring your pleasure zone. The color is gorgeous.


Lavender + Rosewater Sheet Mask
By: Pink Beauty
Retail: $3.00

There is just something about lavender that I can’t get over. I am constantly diffusing it in my diffusers around the house, my shampoo and conditioner have lavender, and my diffuser necklace has it as well. It is one of the most calming feelings and scents in the world if you as me. As you can imagine, with my obsession with lavender I was super thrilled to see this tightening and clarifying mask in the box! It is such a good price too!


All Natural Hibiscus Flower Lip Balm
By: Herbal Chest
Retail: $9.00

Even though it is starting to feel like Spring or at least I am dreaming that it is starting to feel like Spring my lips are still chapped. There is nothing worse than going to laugh or smile and your lips crack. I love that they gave us something to show our lips some love too!


7 Days of Daily Self-Love Journal
By: Arabella Nova Designs
Retail: $10.00

There is nothing healthier for your mind, body, and soul then being able to journal your thoughts. Even though it might seem simple or a waste of time, studies show that writing a little bit every day can calm anxiety, depression, and more! This journal will help you revive your positive feelings towards yourself and rebuild confidence.

Overview of Boho Babe
February Box!

The Boho Babe Crew made my heart expand and my love for myself grow. I love how thoughtful they were in every aspect of this box. This is the Boho Babe Signature Box for $39.99 and the value was $114.00! That is an amazing deal! I can’t wait to see what they have in store for March!

BohoBabe Mini Box- $19.99




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