Something Snacks Review


There is something to be said about having some simple and tasty snacks in your pantry when you are feeling something spicy, sweet, sour, or salty. The four S’s if you will. The Something Snack box is one way that you can make sure that you always have those available at your finger tips.

Something Snacks guarantees that you will always find something salty, sweet, foreign, and health conscious in their boxes! Let’s dive into this month’s box.


There seems to be some amazing Red Velvet cookies peeking out in the picture by Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory, this is perfect for the month of love! The chocolate tiramisu wafer pie is the foreign sweetness resting on top!

To continue with the sweet tooth we have the Feiny Biscuits with Cocoa Cream and Hazelnuts, which are rom Germany! For those that need a sweet in their purse or their pocket the tiny Jans Milk Chewy Candy is there for you!

And last in the sweet range is the Laposse Teens Milk Marzipan with Almonds from Mexico! You’re traveling all over the world with this box!

We get into the spicy and salty aspects with the box with the Salsitas chips with real tomatoes and avocado! I have a HUGE weakness for avocado so these were perfect!

And last, but certainly not least, is the health conscious part of the box the Nothing But The Fruit Real Fruit Bites in Concord Grape flavor!

I love this box! And it comes at such a great price $14.00!

“When you sign up, you will receive a snack box with 7 hand-selected snacks delivered right to your door step every month until you cancel. With Something Snacks you’ll always find at least one sweet, one salty, one international, and one health conscious snack surprise that will get your chatting about What’s Familiar and What’s Adventurous! This snack box is perfect for you if you enjoy convenience and surprises!”


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