California Found| October 2018


California Found October 2018

This is such a beautiful box to get every month! Sometimes you just need a little bit of Summer and little bit of sunshine. This box delivers on all of that and more! They bring homemade, small business, and beautifully thought out boxes to your door step every month! I always get excited when I see it on my door step!


The people at California Found are so thoughtful to detail as well! They have individual cards with all of their items that explains the history of the company, their mission, and how well the products were made. The wrapping around the cards is special itself! It is embedded with wildflower seeds! How wonderful is that!


Moonlight Herbal Blend by Luna Tea Co. 
Retail $15.00

I’m not going to lie this is one of my most favorite items in my box. You all know how much I love tea. Seriously, I am addicted to tea more than anyone I know. This is a beautiful made and aromatic teas. I could smell it when I opened the box and it was intoxicating! It makes a beautiful cuppa tea!


Owl Feather Watercolor by Mika Harmony Art
Retail: $22.00

If this doesn’t scream Autumn then I don’t know what else would! This is a STUNNING art piece by Mika Harmony Art. It makes me feel so calm and excited for colder nights cuddling, an amazing cup of tea, and a wonderful book. I love how detailed the print it and how it looks with all of my Autumn artwork!


Spring Bliss Nail Polish by 7 True
Retail: $15.00

I think this is such a beautiful color even for the Fall time! It is a beautiful pinkish brown that will go with any outfit. The consistency of the product is very creamy and pigmented. I love the fact that these women decided to make a difference in the world and create a brand of nail polish that does not have the 7 most commonly used toxins in nail polish. I feel better having this color on my nails!


Naked Zen Scrub by Naked Scrubs
Retail: $10.00

This is something that I have been looking for as well! Angela Johnson-Rogers seems to have the same skin problems a lot of us have during the year. I am super dry during the Fall and Winter but then my skin turns into an oily mess in the Spring and Summer. There doesn’t seem to be a happy medium! Angela made it her mission to use natural (naked) ingredients, oils, and herbs to create her vast collection of beauty items!


“I wish I was Apple Picking” by Rush Candle Company
Retail: $8.00

This box just keeps on giving when it comes to the scents of calming herbal tea and this beautiful travel tin of “I wish I was Apple Picking”. I love that they put this in here. I don’t know about you but I go a little candle crazy when it hits September! I am all about making my house smell EXTRA fall-y! This is going to help a lot with that!


Repurposed Leather w/ Gemstone Earrings by MB Bead and Stitch
Retail: $35.00

When I saw the sneak peak on California Found’s Instagram I was super duper excited for this box. I just loved the rustic way these earrings looked with a pop of the gemstone’s color! They just screamed FALL to me! Michelle is the artist and owner of this shop and she works with organic textures and natural gemstones. They are extremely comfortable to wear!

Monthly Subscription –$49.00

  • Free shipping
  • Ships between the 28th and 30th of each month
  • Prepaid
  • Renews monthly, cancel anytime




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