BoHo Babe-October

BoHo Babe October

This is my FAVORITE box to receive every month. They pack it full of amazing items! They all make you smile, cleanse your soul, and make you feel so much better! I know that I feel lighter after opening this box. This month has to be my most favorite and it brought out my Inner Moon Goddess!

BoHo Babe October 2

I love all of the quotes inside the lid every month as well as this nifty Lunar Phases chart! I love that it tells you the different characteristics that each of the main Lunar Phases can cause throughout the month.

Moon Phase Hanging

Moon Phase Wall Hanging by Manchester Woodcraft Retail $12.50

One of the first items that I noticed and immediately fell in love with was this beautiful handmade wall hanging. It is absolutely stunning. You can keep it natural in the boho way or you can paint it in rainbow! It is a total blank slate! It is made with unfinished Baltic birch plywood! I have it hanging in my guest room right now! Though, I’m pretty sure my sister wants to steal it.


Handmade New Moon Bath Bomb by Magic Fairy Candles
Retail: $12.00

This is one of the coolest looking bath bombs that I’ve seen and it smells absolutely divine. If you’ve had a tough day this is the perfect bath bomb to put in a nice hot tub, light candles, have a glass of wine, and a book! I am super excited that they kept with the magical moon theme.

Moon Patch

Moon Child/Moon Goddess Patch by The Moon Goddess Market
Retail: $7.00

This is going to be so perfect on my book bag! It has such beautiful quality. I love the vibrancy of the colors but it isn’t too vibrant to be a distraction to the eye. They even included a metallic embroidery thread on the stars to make them shine! How stunning is that?!?!

Gemstone 2

Amethyst Gemstone By Boho Babe
Retail: $10.00

BoHo Babe just keeps the ball rolling with this stunning amethyst gemstone with a description card for the healing properties of this stone. This gemstone fits perfectly in your hand. I love rubbing on it when I am stressed or anxious. The stone has properties of spirituality and contentment. It helps still the mind and inspire a meditative state.

Moon Child Dish

Moon Child Marble Swirl Ring & Trinket Dish by Slice of Pie
Retail: $9.00

This was one of the first items I spotted when opening the box and it brought an instant smile to my face. I love the darker marble with a hint of gold from the “moon child” engraved. It is a minimalist holder for your rings or trinkets. I use it for my rings and earrings before hopping in the shower. I love that it is light weight and it will go with all styles.

Moon Water Color

Watercolor Illustration Moon Art by Lunar Dreams Creative
Retail: $10.00

This illustration made me giddy in two different ways. One I love the water-color effect! Two it reminded me of one of my favorite book series, A Throne of Glass. The mountains and the nighttime are very prevalent throughout the series. So saying that I fell in love with this artwork is an understatement. It is beautiful and would lovely in a frame or on a cork board in your room.

Galaxy Makeup Bag

Galaxy Make Up Bag by Boho Babe
Retail $14.00

This is such a generous size for a make up bag. It would fit all of my mandatory makeup and fit in my purse or an overnight bag easily! The design is breathtaking and I love the easy zip. This item will be in constant use.

Moon Studs

Black Gunmetal Crescent Moon Earrings by Boho Babe
Retail $16.00

These are the PERFECT size for my second holes on my ears. They are quite fetching in the gun metal coloring and I love how simple and elegant they are. BoHo Babe suggests “wearing during a waxing moon to enhance your intention.” I know that I will be wearing these constantly for the month of October!

Picture By: AislynsTreasures

New Moon Roller Bottle Oil Blend by Aislyns Treasures
Retail: $9.50

This is one of the coolest items in the box. I love that these are blended during the New Moon every month! They are also set out to be blessed and absorbing all of the energy a New Moon has to offer. There are also gorgeous plants and flowers infusing the oil blend. This is PERFECT to go inside your purse!


BohoBabe Mini Box- $19.99




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