BoHo Babe- September

BOHO Babe (1)

1This is one of my most favorite boxes to receive every month! They also seem to have the right mindset that I am in and the different items I might need to help erase the stress from my life!

They have many different types of items that they send every month and I fall more in love with box!

If you are interested in natural remedies, connecting with your inner self, and trying new age things, this is the box for you! Let’s dive in!


If you all follow me on my Youtube channel or on my Instagram then you know how much I adore yoga!

This amazing yoga towel is something that I will be using every day! It is the perfect size to put under or over your mat, fold up under your hear, and to wipe off some of that glow after a great workout!



3Like last month BoHo Babe is featuring a small business! I love this aspect of the company and the cost-savings this helps us customers with!

I can’t wait to book my appointment with Carina and learn a little bit more about myself.

I am tough on myself sometimes and I think this came at just the right time to help my stress and anxiety out!



I have been using this EVERY SINGLE NIGHT SINCE I GOT THIS!!! This is the softest, most comfortable sleeping mask that I have ever had the pleasure of wearing.

I love the design of the fabric and the colors. I put this on at night and I don’t even feel like I am wearing anything on my face.


5Another item that has been added to my night time routine is this amazing pillow mist called Zzsleepy Zen. It has wonderful essential oils and the moment I spray it on my pillow I feel an instant ease fall all throughout my body.

I even spray a little bit of the mist the sleeping mask they sent and I am off to dreamland within minutes!



IMG_2435This box this month is practically how to relax before heading to bed! This Lotus Goddess Green tea is the perfect relaxation tea right before heading to rest.

I love the aroma of the tea! It smells so tranquil and calming with the lavender and the jasmine.

I highly recommend this tea!



Before you fall asleep why not put on a Zen Goddess Facial Mask!?!

Clean those pours out after you have a wonderfully freeing workout, put the mask on, get out your new favorite book, listen to some nature music, and let the mask work its magic!


8Feeling a little stressed throughout the day?

That’s okay! Wrap this gorgeous leather diffuser around your wrist and drip some of your favorite essential oils like lavender, peppermint, or Peace & Calm.

You’ll smell the oils throughout the day and it will fill you with an amazing sense of calm and relaxation!




This has to be one of my most favorite boxes that I have received all year. I have used and will use every single item in this box. I have loved going through, trying the products, and letting others in my family know how amazing they are!

BohoBabe Mini Box- $19.99




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