Subscription Box Review: BOHO Babe

Peach Pool Summer Twitter Post

One of the things that I love about this box so much is the fact that not only does it have amazing items but these items all seem to touch your inner hippie, goddess, or your inner self. If you are someone who is trying to connect to yourself in a deeper manner, love beautiful jewelry, and the idea of getting in touch with your spirituality BOHO BABE is the box for you! It is absolutely stunning and I love that they are based right out of Austin, Texas!


One of the first items that I saw inside this box was this gorgeous Clear Crystal Gold Dipped necklace by BOHO BABE.

Just holding it in my hands made me smile and feel and inner peace spread through my body.

I loved how real it felt. Sometimes when you get jewelry in a box if feels fake. As though the jewelry is going to fall apart.

This necklace felt solid and has some weight to it. You wont be disappointed in their amazing jewelry!

The next item I received in this box was a beautiful black feather hand painted in gold. This would look beautiful on a handmade dream catcher!
This is a Cruelty-Free Hand Painted Feather by PaperLoveBugs. Which is something that I always look for. I am against any and all animal testing or using of animal products that harm. This feather made me smile!

Sometimes the most relaxing place in your home is the bathroom! I mean, come on! You get to pamper yourself every morning.

You pick your favorite shampoo, conditioner, and face wash! This Geode Soap in the shape Rose Quartz by Sierra Bath and Beauty is sure to inspire you in the morning!! It’s made with mica powder and vegan organic skin safe color drops, we can whip up many combinations to suit anyone’s need.

Incense sticks are another way to relax yourself after a hard long day at work or at school. Sometimes you just need to put on some peaceful and tranquil music, lay down on the bed, and just breath in the relaxing smell of these All Natural Organic Hand Rolled Palo Santo Incense Sticks by Leftover Hippies.

I also love that their bags are totally eco-friendly and wont hurt the environment!


I thought that this was the cutest little crystal stick notes pad!

It’s perfect to stick into your bag or on your desk at work. To help bring a little bit of that Bohemian Joy into school or work!




I thought that this Sacred Elixir Manifestation Infuser by Sacred Moon Song was one of the most interesting items in August’s box!

This was made exclusively for BOHO BABE. The infuser has three different gemstones inside. Black Tourmaline, Rainbow Moonstone, and Amethyst. They all have different properties to help with anxiety, stress, raising energy, and helping with new beginnings!

Something that I’ve NEVER seen in a box before is an Intuitive Card Reading by Star Dust Has Erupted!

I thought that this was a really cool idea! I have recently gotten into Tarot card reading myself and I think that this is a fun way to get really personal with your customer base! I can’t wait to see what she sees in my tarot card reading!


This was the box that kept on giving this month and I loved every aspect of it! Sometimes we need to put out into the world what we want in order for it to happen. It gives it energy and awareness into the world.

This Create Your Dreams Manifestation NotePad by The Happiempire was perfect for this!

I loved the idea that it has three different aspects that you can write about. Your dreams, putting them in action, and surrendering.

Sometimes it is hard to really look into the future. You don’t know where to start, what to say, or even how to say it.

This product really helps with focusing what you are wanting in your life and how to focus your energy into attaining it.


BohoBabe Monthly Subscription Box for BohoBabes✌️ and Spiritual Goddesses🦄 who live by their OWN set of rules!

Whether you’re an aspiring BohoBabe or already live by your “own set of rules,” the BohoBabe Box is the perfect complement to your daily bohemian lifestyle. It’s Monthly Bohemian Joy designed to stimulate your senses, promote positivity, health, & happiness, and of course, your free-spirited mindset!

IMAGINE monthly bohemian joy arriving on your doorstep!

BohoBabe Mini Box- $19.99




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