This or That: Modern vs. Traditional

3 thoughts on “This or That: Modern vs. Traditional”

  1. “I think modern writers should, in essence, get with the times…” Good article, you thought carefully about the past and present. IMHO, ‘being modern’ works well with younger readers if the writer keeps in mind that some things never change. Kindness, good vs evil, the human condition as it is,and has been for centuries should be reflected in a well-written story.. History repeats itself and in the past we find our future. What is old? Is it a state of mind or being? Can a young person relate to the protagonist and learn from them? Should a story leave you with more questions than answers? I asked readers that once, surprisingly, the majority answered they wanted resolution. Do readers want to be entertained only? Or educated? Or both? I think combining the past with the present enriches some stories, not all, some. Fortunately there are enough books that cover each scenario to keep readers satisfied. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! I am so glad that you liked my article! I couldn’t agree more that there are so many different ways readers have expectations for the books they are reading. I know I get anxious if a book does not have a resolution, but that’s the kicker right? Not all stories have an ending. It’s interesting to me that you could probably tell the age of a reader just by their preferences sometimes!


  2. Oops – I like a cliff-hanger ending or one that leaves it up to the reader to resolve. So two of my books resolve and two leave it up to the reader to let their imagination decide. Guess by doing so, I ‘covered all my bases’ lol.


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