My Cozy Reader Manifesto (1)

As a lot of you know I am new to blogging. Sometimes I have a problem with words. A big problem. Like I can’t form a coherent sentence. I word vomit all over the place. A lot of the time I don’t even finish full thoughts. HA! This is a problem if you are wanting to read a well thoughtout and beautifully written review, tag, or post.
So, I was looking into different topics that I could talk about on here. As an educator there wasn’t anything better than prompts! I loved giving my students creative writing prompts in the morning to get their brains going! I stumbled on the prompt about a Reader’s Manifesto. I mean, how cool is the word manifesto?! I feel smarter just typing out the word.  So, without further ado, here is the writing prompt. Whew, 500 words or less. I’ve totes got this.
Summarize your identity as a reader, your challenges and personal missions, values, and where you see yourself in the reading world all in the space of 500 words. (1)

A manifesto is the declaring your goals and aims to yourself and your audience. I have never thought about a creating a manifesto for my reading goals. Quite a few people create reading goals on Goodreads or a TBR for the month. It is always harder for me to create a TBR then it is for an overall goal for myself. I don’t like being tied down as a reader. I am, what you might call, a ‘mood reader’. I fly by the seat of my pants.

Am I in the mood for a library themed cozy?


I’ll read Sofie Kelly.

Am I craving some amazing baking?


I’ll read Bailey Cates or Ellie Alexander.

Do I want to read about creative people?


I’ll read Elizabeth Lynn Casey or Melissa Bourbon.

I don’t like promising to you all that I am going to read a specific book or series and then my mind is in the mood for the complete opposite.

That being said I still believe that you as my reader deserve to know what kind of books, goals, and missions I have set for myself here in the reading world.

I have actually created a very specific Cozy Mystery reading goal for myself this year. I plan on reading 52 Cozies in 2018! Whew. I know that is pretty intense. *puts hands over head to make a tent*….Get it? I’m in a tent…HAHAHAHA. IN TENTS?!?!  I’m funny…..

*coughs awkwardly* This is a pretty big goal. My goal last year was to read 65 books total. I managed with 68, but not all of those were Cozies.

Why Cozies you ask? Short answer? I love them.

Long answer? They are a way for me to escape the word. With the world full of sorrow and hate I need something that will leave me laughing, push my mind, and make me feel cozy. This is what this genre does for me. I love getting the feel of a small community and sleepy town.

I love getting to know all of the different characters. Their quirks. Their flaws. Their passions. They start to feel like family to me.

I love that Cozies are in series. I can grow with the characters. I want to read books that bring me joy.

I am not going to read books that are just hyped to be hyped. This year, I’m reading ALL the books that peak my interest!

My mission this year is to respect my time. Read when I can. Read when I want. Read what I want. Our time as human beings on this world is limited and valuable. I am going to make sure that I am as conscientious of my time as I can.  

This is the year of Cozy Mysteries for me. I am going to step outside of my box. I am going to read all the different themed Cozies. Cooking. Baking. Bookclubs. Witches. Magic. Southern. Western. Older Protagonists. Younger Protagonists. Male Protagonists. YES!


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