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Hey hey everyone! I hope you all are curled up where you love to read, a glass of wine or cup of tea/coffee next to you, and maybe a furchild curled up at your feet while you are reading this blog. Here in Oklahoma it is currently 26˚F or -3˚C. In some places that isn’t too cold, but here it is freezing. This is the perfect time to wrap myself in my coziest blanket into a burrito and read. As I was sitting here on my couch I started thinking about cozies, as I do, and I wanted to start some Top 5 content for you. Without further ado…
*Nebula*-My Sister’s Puppy

I asked you all on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram what you would like me to vlog/blog about most for tomorrow’s Booktube video.

The most popular topic was the best cozy mysteries for beginners. There are so many Cozy Mysteries out in the subgenre that it can be overwhelming on what book to choose, what theme, what type of protagonist, and so much more. I am going to give you my top five from different themes.

Meet Your Baker-Ellie Alexander

Theme: Baking

As most of you know this is actually the Cozy Mystery Club’s January pick for the Bookclub this month. This is for a very good reason!

The Bakeshop Mystery series is a wonderful series to start on if you haven’t read a Cozy before. The characters are complex, have their own backgrounds, and are extremely relatable.

Reading this series you don’t feel as though you are missing anything. Everyone has eaten a baked good, made cupcakes, or have seen them in movies. It is something that is common and most of the time brings happy thoughts to a person.

The first book has Juliet Capshaw coming home from her life as a head pastry chef with a broken heart. You feel for Jules and how she is licking her wounds and starting back home.

She has moved home to one of the most breathtaking small towns I have ever seen, Ashland, Oregon. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is starting to bring in lots of visitors and that means more customers for Torte, Jules’ family bakery ran by her mom, Helen.

One of Torte’s customers and newest board member for the festival is found dead. Jules’ ex-flame Thomas is the investigator on the murder. It seems that even though the customer is dead, the love between Thomas and Jules might not be.

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Curiosity Thrilled The Cat- Sofie Kelly    *in picture Tom Cat*

Theme: Magical Cats/Librarian

This is probably one of my absolute favorite cat series. One thing you will probably notice if you go looking into the Cozy Mystery section of a bookstore is that there are a lot of furchildren that follow our protagonists.

I love kitties, if you couldn’t tell by my lovely Tom here. He looks JUST LIKE Hercules on the cover!

Hercules, the stocky tuxedo cat, and Owen, the tabby with a cat-nip addiction are feral cats that Kathleen Paulson found when she moved to the small town Mayville Heights, Minnesota to help remodel and build onto the local library.

Kathleen has left her life and broken heart in Boston. During the Wild Rose Summer Music Festival a murder occurs and Kathleen finds herself as the Prime Suspect. She also finds that her kitty cats are more special then she thought. I mean, I’m pretty sure that walking through walls and becoming invisible aren’t normal traits for felines. Am I riiight?

However off putting it may be to watch her one of her cats walk through a wall, she finds herself depending on their special abilities to help solve the crime and save her new reputation. Isn’t this just purr-fact?

Pleating for Mercy-Melissa Bourbon

Theme: Sewing/Magical

Harlow Cassidy is a special woman. When I mean special, I mean SPECIAL. All of the Cassidy women are special, they possess gifts. Gifts to help others. Harlow Jane Cassidy’s gift you ask? Creating beautifully stunning dresses. Not just aesthetically, but ones that help the owners grant their deepest desires.

When Harlow’s Great-Grandmother passes away and leaves her house to her, Harlow moves home from Manhattan to Bliss,Texas.

She was an extremely popular fashion designer and decides that she is going to turn her Grandmother’s old farmhouse into a custom dressmaking boutique! She feels as though she can feel her Great-Grandmother’s presence in the house with her, the memories are so strong.

One of Harlow’s very first customers is a childhood friend, Josie. She is needed a wedding dress and bride’s maid dresses, and quickly. However, things aren’t starting out like a Happy Ever After.

The bride, Josie’s, boss and maid of honor is found dead outside of the farm house and it looks like the bride-to-be is the prime suspect. It looks like Josie is going to need a lot more from Harlow then the perfect wedding dress, she needs this to be solved.

I love that this series has little elements of magic, ghosts, and a little bit of history mixed into it. If you love reading about powerful strong women, this is the Cozy for you!

A Killer Read-Erika Chase

Theme: BookClub/Teacher

This series surrounds the members of the Ashton Corners Mystery Readers and Cheese Straws Society Book Club. Haha! I know, that is a mouth full! That’s what I thought when I read that. But it intrigued me.

Another thing that made me want to read this was the fact that the main character, Lizzie Turner, is a Reading Specialist and LOVES mystery books!

Does that sounds like anyone else?! I am a Digital Learning Specialist and I love Cozies. Erika Chase was pretty much writing this book for me. Am I right? Am I right?!? Whew. Okay, lets get back to it.

Lizzie is part of the ACMRaCSS (yup…) and they are having their very first meeting. A stranger knocks on the door to ask to use the phone of Molly Mathew’s whose southern mansion is the meeting place for the book club.

After making a ruckus and not being a very good guest the stranger leaves. Only to be found killed later with an antique gun that belonged to Molly’s late husband. Of course this makes Molly, the elderly woman, the lead suspect. Lizzie’s high school crush appears to be the police chief in charge of the investigation.

Not only does that make Lizzie even more determined to find out what happened to the strange but a chapters from a mysterious manuscript start showing up in her mailbox. Detailing things about the stranger that was murdered, Molly’s name surfaces in the chapters.

Is Lizzie prepared to find herself in the midst of a REAL mystery or would she rather be reading fiction?

Double Booked for DEATH-Ali Brandon

Theme: Bookshop

One of my biggest dreams is to own my very own bookstore/cafe. I know, that is most avid readers dream.

Raise your hand if you would love to be paid to read and drink coffee? Yup. Me too. I know it’s more than that, I ran my Nonnie’s shop for ten years, but I still think it would be cool.

Darla Pettistone left Texas and moved to Brooklyn to do just want I want to do. However, she didn’t have to build the bookstore from the ground up. It was left to her by her Great-Aunt Dee. The bookstore came with its very own ornery and stubborn mascot, Hamlet. *He is the most entertaining and deep character of the series…seriously…I love him so much.*

Darla is setting to prove to herself and her family back in Texas that she can run Pettistone’s Fine Books and keep a tight leash on Hamlet all while hosting the stores very first event since her Aunt Dee’s passing.

The hottest bestselling Young Adult author of the moment is coming to Pettistone’s Fine Books for a signing of her new book. Lines for this signing are wrapping around the corners and down the streets even the night before the signing. Fan and protesters alike. This even could bring big business to the new owner. I mean there is no such thing as bad publicity right? Right?!

Unfortunately, the author meets an unsavory end. This is not good for business. Even though it is ruled an accident loyal fans are blaming the bookstore and writing nasty reviews as well as picketing the store. Hamlet, on the other paw, finds a clue that points Darla to the conclusion that the death of the author wasn’t an accident.

Darla fears that the killer is out there watching her every move. “Can the interfering Hamlet point the paw at the culprit without losing one of his own nine lives?”

Well my Cozy Friends, those are the Top 5 Cozies for Beginners! I hope that you enjoyed them. Let me know in the comments if you have read any of these series, you have other suggestions, or if you are going to order them! I would love to talk with you about these amazing series.


*All Links to books are affiliate links. If you click them and order the books I get a very small commission from it. If that makes you uncomfortable but you still want to read the books, please go to your local bookstore or online shop.

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