Gingerbread & Ghosts- A Peridale Cafe Mystery

Gingerbread and GhostsThis is the 10th installment of Agatha Frost’s Peridale Cafe Cozy Mystery series! I have fallen in love with the ladies in Peridale. They make me laugh. They make me cry. They make me crave ALL of the sweets! HA! My waist line sure does not appreciate them as much. But that is besides the point.

I am here to spread the delightfulness I felt while reading Gingerbread and Ghosts. This book/e-book came out on December 12th. And is available at this link! If you have Kindle Unlimited it is FREE and if not you can get it at a STEAL of 0.99 cents! I mean, how amazing is that?

As I stated before this is the 10th book in the Peridale Cafe Mystery series. We follow Julia through the tough process of adopting Jess, wondering where her relationship is at with Barker, and of course trying to keep up with her wonderfully eclectic grandmother Dot. Of course this is all happening during the Christmas season!

Dot has decided that she is going to perform in the Christmas play that is being put on with the local drama club. She is a natural. Julia can’t believe how much of a natural she is. What else doesn’t she know about her grandmother?

While sitting in the audience watching Dot put on her best performance yet, Barker, Jess, Julia, and most of Peridale witness Dot pick up a gun, shoot, and murder her leading man. Julia has made it her responsibility to find out who switch the prop gun with a real one and get Dot home in time for Christmas!

Will she make it? Or will this be the first time that the killer gets away?!

This was such a fun and quick book to read! I loved that it was Christmas themed as well! It was perfect for this time of the year. I curled up in a little burrrrito and drank Peppermint Hot Cocoa while reading it and it was amazing! I gave Gingerbread and Ghosts 5 STARS on Goodreads!

I hope that you enjoyed this book review. Stay tuned on my YouTube channel for a complete review of the whole series! I am going to go through book by book what I think about the characters, the plots, and of course the FOOD!

Until next time, Happy Reading!



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